Power Rangers: Amy Jo Johnson's New Movie Adds Felicity Huffman and Anastasia Phillips

Amy Jo Johnson will always be beloved by Power Rangers fans, but nowadays she's added director to [...]

Amy Jo Johnson will always be beloved by Power Rangers fans, but nowadays she's added director to her growing resume, and her newest project just added Felicity Huffman and Anastasia Phillips.

Johnson made her directing debut with The Space Between, and her newest feature is titled Tammy's Always Dying, a dark comedy that has added Oscar nominee Felicity Huffman (American Crime, Desperate Housewives) and Anastasia Phillips (Don't Talk to Irene, Reign) to the talented cast (via THR). They join a cast that also includes Clark Johnson, Kristian Bruun, Lauren Holly, and Aaron Ashmore.

Huffman plays the role of Tammy, described as a charismatic yet self-destructive mother to 35-year-old Catherine, who will be played by Phillips. Catherine is a caregiver but sees an opportunity when Tammy is diagnosed with terminal cancer. She decides to recruit a talk show agent to help her profit from Tammy's life story, and it works, but there's just one problem...Tammy won't die.

Tammy's Always Dying features a script written by Joanne Sarazen and is directed by Johnson. The film is produced by Jessica Adams and Harry Cherniak, with Martin Katz, Karen Wookey, Joannie Burstein, Huffman, and Johnson serving as executive producers. The film comes from JA Productions, Plainspeak Pictures, and Prospero Pictures.

Johnson is also working on a new web series called The Has Been, where she will play Jordanna. Jordanna is a former A-List actress who is about to go bankrupt and turns to the convention world to pay off her increasing debut. Thing is she's not the nicest person, so finding people to help her as she tries to move up the ranks again is quite difficult, but at least she has her agent Sylvia (Jayne Eastwood) and her maid Gloria (Allegra Fulton) to rely on.

Johnson has starred in a number of shows and movies throughout her career, but there will always be a link to the Power Rangers franchise after she depicted Kimberly Hart in the original series, and she's perfectly okay with that.

"I think it comes in phases, but because (The Space Between) came out this year and, because all those children are now in their late 20s, early 30s — they're adults — it's sort of having this bit of a resurgence for a moment. It's all good, it doesn't bother me."

No release date has been announced for Tammy's Always Dying, while The Has Been is expected to hit sometime in 2019.