Power Rangers: It's Going To Get Even Harder To Get A Drakkon Figure

If you didn't happen to grab a Lord Drakkon Legacy figure at Power Morphicon the prospect will be a bit more difficult and pricey going forward thanks to a few factors.

The Lord Drakkon figure was already going to be limited as a Power Morphicon exclusive, but a recent email from Power Morphicon revealed an error in the system made that stock even less than intended.

The email sent to non-attending members (via Reddit) said "While going through our orders this weekend to send everyone their Non-Attendee membership items, we discovered a system error in the registration system. Very unfortunately, this system error affected our inventory of Lord Drakkon figures. There is no easy way to say this- we are currently experiencing a stock shortage of the figures and will be unable to fill every order that we originally anticipated we could. For this, we at Power Morphicon are so incredibly sorry."

PMC would go on to say that they were working with Entertainment Earth, who had an allotment of figures to sell on their storefront, to help with their stock issues. Unfortunately, that ended up not happening.

"Please know that we are working around the clock with due diligence to remedy this and make it right. We were hoping that an extra stock of Lord Drakkon figures from Entertainment Earth could help counteract the shortage. However, we found out yesterday they can not help us in this and will sell their stock of the figures separately. If you ordered a single Lord Drakkon figure, your item will be fulfilled. However, if you ordered multiple Lord Drakkon figures we have to make allocations on your orders to ensure everyone receives at least one figure."

In exchange for those affected PMC offered to exchange any Drakkon figure orders above one (as they want everyone to receive at least one) for either Two black and gold Megazord POPs or one Lord Drakkon Throne, though the latter will not be the collector's edition and won't have the display box or Drakkon sticker.

They are also offering straight-up refunds in $50 dollar increments for orders of the figure that they can't fill, and you can request those by replying to RegisterMorphicon@gmail.com,and make sure to include your membership number. That email is also for any exchange you need.

Entertainment Earth recently made their figures available for purchase, but within one day they sold out of their inventory as well. Now the only way to get a figure is on eBay (unless you know someone locally), and as you can see by the listing here the average prices for Drakkon figures seem to be around $90 to $110 dollars.


Did you end up getting a Drakkon figure? Let us know what you think of it in the comments!

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