'Power Rangers' Fan Film Reveals How Not To Impress A Power Ranger

Not everyone gets to come face to face with a Power Rangers, but if you do there is one thing you [...]

Not everyone gets to come face to face with a Power Rangers, but if you do there is one thing you probably don't want to do, and Chris Cantada shows you why.

Cantada is known for his delightful fan films with Power Rangers from across the franchise, but for his latest film he had a chance to talk to the Green Ranger himself Jason David Frank. As a result, he was a bit nervous, and he looked to his young nephew for help. Unfortunately, he wasn't so helpful.

The resulting discussions sends Cantada on a Morphing spree, trying to find the perfect way to introduce himself to Frank. First, he tries the Green Ranger, but his nephew shoots it down as too predictable. He then marches through several more looks from Frank's many appearances, but his nephew is still not feeling it.

That paves the way for the ultimate solution, and for that, you'll just have to watch the video. Needless to say after witnessing their creation, well, Jason David Frank has a few words for Cantada.

It's quite entertaining, and you can watch the full video above.

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At one point Cantada's nephew mentions he doesn't like the White Ranger all that much, but that isn't an opinion shared by others. That includes Aaron Schoenke of Super Hero Beat Down fame, who worked with Frank on the White Ranger vs Scorpion.

"Well Green was the first, but what I'm starting to see is generations of kids and people that grew up on the White Ranger," Frank told That Hashtag Show. "Aaron started the White Ranger Beatdown and I said on the first day "Aaron, why don't we do Green" and he said "No, we're going to do White", and I said "Why don't we do Green", and he's like "I'm a White Ranger fan". He made that White Ranger where I was starting to go around and get noticed like "Dude, you're the White Ranger that beat Scorpion!" That's how big he branded this. So he was a White Ranger fan."

The good news is with Frank you have several options, as he's played Green, White, Red (twice), and Black Rangers over the course of his career, so odds are you like one of them.