Power Rangers: Lineage Studios Reveals Stunning Forever Red Print

Lineage Studios has been knocking it out of the park with their Power Rangers themed posters and [...]

Lineage Studios has been knocking it out of the park with their Power Rangers themed posters and prints, and their newest creation with artist Carlos Dattoli is going to make Red Ranger fans lose their collective mind. Lineage Studios recently revealed their newest print aptly titled Forever Red, as it will feature a bevy of your favorite Red Rangers. This is the newest entry in their Power Rangers print line, which also features Lord Drakkon Shattered Grid prints as well as Soul of the Dragon prints based on the recent BOOM! Studios graphic novel. You can check out the new print below.

The Forever Red print features Mighty Morphin (Jason), Zeo (Tommy), Turbo (Tommy or T.J.), In Space (Andros), Lost Galaxy (Leo), Allien Rangers (Aurico), Wild Force (Cole), Lightspeed Rescue (Carter), and Time Force's Red Ranger (Wes) and Quantum Ranger (Eric), and features some slick movie-like credits at the bottom.

In short, it's fantastic and was created by artist Carlos Dattoli. The print will have a limited run of 150 and will run you $55.00. You can pre-order the new print of yourself right here, and the official description can be found below.

(Photo: Lineage Studios)

Hand numbered screen print.
Limited Edition of 150.
Dimensions: 24 x 36".
Screen printed by Lady Lazarus.
All sales are final.
Expected to ship 60 - 90 days from initial solicitation.

Artist: Carlos Dattoli"

The print will definitely bring back memories of one of the best team-up episodes in Power Rangers history Forever Red. The episode took place during Power Rangers Wild Force and united many of the Red Rangers that had starred in the show up to that point. They were all brought together to face what was left of the Machine Empire, and it also featured the return of the original Red Ranger Jason.

Since then there have been plenty of other Red Rangers, and the newest one goes by the name of Devon in Power Rangers Beast Morphers. Alongside Zoey and Ravi, Devon faces down the evil Evox to keep the world safe, and so far the reception to the newest series has been overwhelmingly positive. Beast Morphers is the first entry under the Hasbro umbrella, and hopefully one day we'll see a new Forever themed team-up where they can unite with legendary Rangers from the past.

Power Rangers Beast Morphers airs every Saturday morning on Nickelodeon at 8 am est.


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