'Power Rangers Hyperforce' Zords Revealed

The newest episode of Power Rangers Hyperforce finally revealed the Ranger Zords, and they're [...]

The newest episode of Power Rangers Hyperforce finally revealed the Ranger Zords, and they're insanely cool.

Hyperforce made a big deal of the Rangers finally getting their Morphers, and they treated the new Zords in a similar fashion. Like the Hyperforce Rangers, the Zords are all based on Greek Mythology, and the Zords truly embraced that philosophy. As a result, these are some of the coolest looking Zords ever, and Power Rangers fans will definitely want them in toy form at some point.

The Zords consist of the Cerberus Hyper Zord (Vesper the Black Ranger), the Lion Hyper Zord (Marv the Red Ranger), the Phoenix Hyper Zord (Chloe the Pink Ranger), the Ram Hyper Zord (Jack the Yellow Ranger), and the Serpent Hyper Zord (Eddie the Blue Ranger), and you can find more of their individual abilities below.

Cerberus Hyper Zord

Attacks: Tail Mace - Can target multiple enemies - knockdown effect (+1 D6 to damage roll).

Three Headed Shred - Prone enemy attack (+1 D6 to attack roll).

Lion Hyper Zord

Attacks: Double Fire Canon - Twin flame throwing canons (+1 D6/Damage to enemies weak to fire).

Clawed Pounce - Leap that lands with a combo of terrifying slashes (Option to reroll 1 D6 on damage roll).

Phoenix Hyper Zord

Attacks: Phoenix Feathers - Spiraling dive/slashing damage (Option to reroll 1 D6 to damage roll).

Flying Feathers - Shoots 10 feathers at enemy (2 attacks per turn - only 12 feathers per combat round).

(Photo: Saban)

Ram Hyper Zord

Attacks: Ram Assault - A barrage of 4 missiles that explode on contact (option to reroll 1 D6 on attack roll).

Ram's Run - Crushes small or prone enemies underneath tank threads (+1 D6 to damage roll).

Serpent Hyper Zord

Attacks: Wrath Of Oceanus - Twin cannon unleashing blasts of water damage (+1 D6 damage on enemies weak to water).

Snake's Rattle - Targeted tail jabs (Option to reroll 1 D6 on attack roll).

All of the Hyper Zords are slick, but it's hard to top the Cerberus and a Serpent Zord. Their designs are just so unique, though the Phoenix is no slouch either. You can see the Zords in the image above.

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