'Power Rangers' Star Jason David Frank Knocks Out A Pro-Wrestler

Power Rangers star Jason David Frank is not afraid to throw a punch if he has to, and recently a pro wrestler learned that the hard way.

Jason David Frank was in attendance at Laredo Wrestling Alliance's most recent show, though things took an unexpected turn during a match involved Mr. Studtacular Brysin Scott. At one point during the match, Scott started to taunt Frank, eventually making his way up to the actor, getting in his face, and then shoving him.

That didn't sit well with Frank, who responded to the shove by hitting Scott square in the face with a punch, knocking him down to the floor and sending the crowd into a frenzy. The crowd started chanting "JDF", and it seems they are primed for a full program between the two at some point down the line.

This would be Frank's pro wrestling debut, though he is an accomplished MMA fighter and martial artist, so he's no stranger to fighting in a ring. Frank most notably wanted to throw down with UFC's CM Punk, which would have been a highly anticipated battle. Despite Frank doing his best to make it happen and bait Punk it hasn't materialized, though he did get Punk to respond to his challenges. When Punk was asked about it recently he laughed and said: "I will not consider fighting any YouTube celebrities."

Frank had a response to Punk calling him a YouTube celebrity.


"First of all, I feel honored I'm a YouTube celebrity," Frank told ComicBook.com. "I've been working so hard on my YouTube channel only in the past year or so and I have a hundred thousand subscribers. I did get a plaque. I didn't know that I was considered a YouTube celebrity. I thought YouTube celebrities were like millions and millions, so I would tell you right now let's live up to my name and go subscribe on JDFFFN. I spent most of my life at a Dojo training. 40 years of my life, just got promoted to 8th degree Black Belt. I think it's just nonsense, you know my fans know and he knows and look, I read that he's 0 and 2 and this exhibition match would be fun. I just want to give my fans something for fun you know what I mean? I'll respond and say go subscribe!"

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