'Power Rangers' Star Jason David Frank Talks Working His Way Up In Wrestling

Power Rangers' Jason David Frank will make his wrestling debut this year, and we got the chance to [...]

Power Rangers' Jason David Frank will make his wrestling debut this year, and we got the chance to talk to the legendary Green Ranger about branching out into wrestling.

Frank will be wrestling as part of the Laredo Wrestling Alliance later this year, and there's a great deal of anticipation regarding his debut. Frank is an accomplished martial artist and MMA fighter, and fans have long wondered what he could do in a wrestling ring. Thankfully we'll get a chance to find out, and as he explained to ComicBook.com at Wizard World New Orleans, this could be the start of a habit.

"You know, I think so," Frank said. "I want to see how it feels though, and the good thing that I like to do is, I just enjoy certain things. You know it's not about money. They invited me down there and asked how much and I was like I'll just come. If I want to do it I want to do it, and that's kind of what I've been from day one."

Frank's already getting primed for his big debut, and he's even had some offers to help him train from both WWE and Impact Wrestling.

"So I'm going to try it," Frank said. "I'm gonna train for it, and I'm gonna go in there and see how it is, but I'm going to tell you one of the reasons too is that here at Comic Con the fan base from wrestling to Comic Cons, from wrestling to MMA, it's huge. So like now a lot of my WWE friends are just blowing up my phone saying 'I'll train you! That's awesome. Keep going.' So a lot of support from them and a lot of support from people at Impact. I didn't realize it was one of those things where fans love it. 90% love it, 10% blah blah blah, but that's just life, so I'm excited to do it."

Frank's already got a few specialized moves that will be part of his arsenal and loves it when MMA fighters come into the world of Wrestling.

"I have a few moves that are going to be trademark moves," Frank said. "But it's great to see an MMA person coming into the wrestling, not a wrestling person come into the MMA. Although I enjoy it. Brock Lesnar and all that. You've got people crossing from WWE into MMA, so it's good to see Ronda going to the WWE. Lots of fans like her. Lots of fans expect a lot of things out of her, but she's a fighter. I watched her on RAW and thought she did great, so that was a...I know a lot of articles came out and said CM Punk and Ronda Rousey influenced it, I think that was twisted a little bit. When I saw Ronda, because she was an MMA girl I was like 'well that's super cool', and I was there live, and any show you're there watching, it doesn't matter if it's football, baseball, or wrestling, when you're in the front row, it's exciting."

Frank will make his debut later this year, and you know some fans are hoping one of those specialized moves gets a little Green Ranger flourish.