Power Rangers Reveals New Ranger And New S.P.D. Team Lineup

Today Power Rangers fans got a special surprise in the form of the fully revealed S.P.D. B-Squad, [...]

Today Power Rangers fans got a special surprise in the form of the fully revealed S.P.D. B-Squad, complete with a new Ranger and one fans will recognize from HyperForce.

The first part was released as a Holiday card from Hasbro and Power Rangers in support of BOOM! Studios' recently released Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon. In that book, fans learn that JJ, Tommy's son, becomes the new S.P.D. Green Ranger, with some flare from his Dad of course. The new card shows him front and center but also reveals the rest of the current S.P.D. lineup, and fans will definitely love what they see.

The lineup includes from left to right Bridge, Z, JJ, Lina, Sky, Syd, and R.I.C, but you're also probably wondering why Sky looks so different. That's because Sky is now not just an ordinary S.P.D. Ranger but has now become the Deka Ranger, and he's got a slick new suit as a result. You can check out the full image below.

"Season's Greetings from Bridge, Z, JJ, Lina, Sky, Syd and R.I.C.! #soulofthedragon in stores now!"

Thanks to Power Rangers NOW we also have an up-close look at the new Deka Ranger suit, and man does it impress. The suit is a reworked version of Commander Cruger's Shadow Ranger suit but goes all in with the black and red color scheme. Aside from the X on the chest plate (representing the number 10), you'll also notice the design works in an arrow design, an homage to his father, who previously wore a Time Force Red Ranger suit.

(Photo: Power Rangers NOW)

This is also the debut of Lina Song as the S.P.D Blue Ranger, who last time we saw her in Power Rangers HyperForce (played by Malika Lim) was sporting Green Ranger colors. She's since received a promotion to Blue with JJ coming onboard as the new Green. For those a little shaky on the timelines, here's how it breaks down.

Right from left:

Bridge: Was the former Green Ranger, then went to Blue at the end of S.P.D. and is now the Red Ranger, as seen in Once A Ranger.

Z Delgado: Is still the Yellow Ranger.

JJ: In Soul of the Dragon became the new Green Ranger.

Lina Song: Featured in Power Rangers HyperForce as the Green Ranger, but has been promoted to the Blue Ranger.

Sky: Was originally the Blue Ranger and then promoted to Red when Jack left the S.P.D. He then took over for Cruger as Commander after Once A Ranger. Now he has become the Deka Ranger.

Syd: Is still the Pink Ranger.

As for Cruger, while he is not featured here, he has since taken a role as Supreme Commander.

Power Rangers Franchise Creative Director for Hasbro Jason Bischoff also had this to say about how ranking works with the S.P.D.

"Also, please help quash ppl that have a very binary understanding of how SPD rank works. Canon is clear: Red is leader, Blue is second in command. Everyone else is simply part of the unit. It does not count down from 5. Further (and perhaps most important): all Rangers are equal."

We're not sure when we'll see these Rangers get their own spotlight, but we are certainly hoping they do at some point down the line.

As for Power Rangers: Soul of the Dragon, you can check out our full review of it here. Soul of the Dragon is in stores now.