Power Rangers: New Sentries Debut In Shattered Grid

The Power Rangers are launching a full assault against Lord Drakkon, but he's got a few more new assets at his disposal.

Spoilers incoming for Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #30, so if you haven't read the issue yet you've been warned.

The new issue of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers features the remaining Rangers mounting a full-scale attack against Lord Drakkon's headquarters, including the tower that allows him to power and split the Grid to his benefit. That means powering his Sentries too, and the Rangers meet a few new ones when they arrive at his home base.

The first is the Gold Dino Charge Sentry and is based on Dino Charge as seen in the noticeable chest plate and helmet design. This gladiator-looking Sentry also boats a gun-like energy spear and a golden shield, making these Sentries one of the more difficult enemies to take down.

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

The second new Sentry is the Jungle Fury Rhino Sentry. Two can be seen in the image, and both boast huge gauntlets that act as battering rams when the opportunity arises.

The third new Sentry is the Silver Space Sentry, which can be seen launching an attack from the sky thanks to their handy jetpacks. These guys will probably be the biggest nuisance, as they can essentially just do airstrikes all day and are too fast most likely for Megazord attacks.

(Photo: BOOM! Studios)

You can check out the new Sentry additions in the spoiler images above.

These are just the latest Sentries in Drakkon's arsenal, as he already has Red, Black, and Yellow Sentries from the core Rangers. He never gained the Blue Power Coin so he couldn't make Blue Morphin Sentries, and after he turned Kim into the Ranger Slayer he gave her back her coin, resulting in the depowering of the Pink Sentries.

Since then he's also added Mech-like Zeo Sentries and Samurai Sentries with long arm blades. Now he's got two more, and that's in addition to the help of villains like Koragg, the A-Squad, and the Psycho Rangers.

Luckily the Rangers have their own army, and we can't wait to see how this battle plays out.

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #30 is written by Kyle Higgins and is drawn by Daniele Nicuolo and Walter Baiamonte with a cover by Jamal Campbell. The official description is included below.

"This is it. The team up between every Ranger left standing against the unrivaled power of Drakkon, while a covert team led by Grace embarks on what might be their last mission ever."

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #30 is in comic stores now.


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