Power Rangers: The Origin Of Psycho Green Revealed

Power Rangers fans are already starting to get their hands on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers [...]

Power Rangers fans are already starting to get their hands on the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Year Two Deluxe Edition Hardcover, and they will find a pretty sweet surprise in regarding the Psycho Green Ranger.

Spoilers incoming for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Year Two Deluxe Edition Hardcover, so if you haven't read the story yet you've been warned.

The story is located about midway through the hardcover and is titled Psychotic. Writer Trey More, illustrator French Carlomagno, and letterer Ed Dukeshire take things back to the planet Xybria, home of the Supersonic Power Rangers. That name might not be very familiar, but Sentai fans will recognize the look of the Rangers from the Sentai season Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman.

This crew of includes a Red, Blue, Black, Pink, and Yellow Ranger squad, but in the book, there is also a Green Ranger named Trek, who does not get along at all with the team's leader. The Red Ranger (Ace) bases his decisions on visions he sees, and after another assignment of staying on the ship, Green confronts him about it.

The two continue to argue until Star (the Pink Ranger) splits them up, and it is later revealed that Trek and Star have been romantically involved in the past, but before he says he loves her she stops him, upset at him for bringing it up again as she's with Ace now. She also says she is scared for Trek lately, as she can't read his thoughts anymore and what she does see is bitterness. Trek starts to plead for her to listen but she has to go out on the mission with the others.

As they head to the objective to save some hostages the building they head into explodes as Trek watches from afar. He then walks towards them as the Rangers are all laid out on the ground from the blast. He says goodbye to Star, telling her "you made your choice. Goodbye". He then notices Ace is still alive and tells him that he (Trek) was the one to set the explosion. Trek calls the Rangers "a bunch of self-righteous hypocrites", and says he will be the one "to light the flame for any team that comes after." He then shoots Ace, taking out all the Rangers in the process.

Afterward, he heads to Planet Infernus to report to Dark Specter, who tells Trek through his avatar that he is pleased. Specter then has Trek step forward to change him into the first of his Rangers, combining his Morpher and the dark energy of Dark Specter to form the first Psycho Ranger, Psycho Green.

Now the comics universe Psycho Ranger has his own origin story, and you can check it out in the Hardcover now.

You can find the official description for the Year Two Hardcover below.

"Introducing the Rangers' deadliest enemy yet: Lord Drakkon, an evil alternate version of Tommy Oliver harnessing the powers of both the Green and White Rangers.

The Command Center has fallen! After the attack of the Black Dragon and Zordon's disappearance, Rita has overtaken the Power Rangers' home! With Tommy and Billy stranded in a dystopian future ruled by an evil Power Rangers named Lord Drakkon, the rest of the Rangers must find a way to not only free the Command Center from Rita's grasp, but rescue their friends from a terrible fate!

The Rangers face their toughest challenge yet in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Year Two as Zordon's absence leads to new allies and new villains, as Lord Drakkon lays the groundwork for a revolution that'll reverberate through all of Power Rangers history.

Writer Kyle Higgins (Nightwing, C.O.W.L.) and artists Hendry Prasetya (God Complex) and Jonas Scharf (War of the Planet of the Apes) continue to redefine the legacy of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers."

The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Year Two Deluxe Edition is available now and retails for $75.00. You can grab your copy here.

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