Power Rangers' Rita Repulsa Finally Gets a Lightning Collection Figure

Power Rangers teased a big announcement for this morning, and they managed to deliver on that [...]

Power Rangers teased a big announcement for this morning, and they managed to deliver on that promise, giving fans a brand new Lightning Collection two-pack to look forward to. The pack will finally bring the iconic Power Rangers villain Rita Repulsa to Hasbro's Lightning Collection line in a GameStop exclusive, though she isn't by herself here. The set is celebrating the 25th Silver Wedding Anniversary of Rita and Lord Zedd, so it makes sense that Zedd is also coming along for the ride. The set features a host of accessories, including their wedding cake, flowers, and a variety of other odds and ends, including some swappable hands.

Now, for those who recently bought Zedd (he was featured in the second wave), you're not completely out of luck. This version of the figure does feature a slight upgrade over the regular version, though it is small. The regular version featured all red hands, but this new version features chrome accents on the knuckles and fingertips, which does look better.

That said, it's not $59 better, but Rita is the real draw here, and she looks great. Armed with her staff and a perfect expression, this is going to be a sought after item, and you can pre-order the item here.

Rita is the only female villain the line has featured thus far, and she's easily one of the most requested, so it's nice to finally have her in the line. As for Zedd, it is odd that they chose to feature him in the two-pack as opposed to someone who hasn't already had a figure, say a Baboo or Squatt, but to be fair he was incredibly hard to find, and in some cases still is, so this will provide fans a way to grab a slightly better version of him if they missed out the first time.

(Photo: Hasbro)

Now, while he has chrome fingertips, it doesn't look like he comes with the red effect accessory the single package version comes with, so if you did buy him already don't feel too bad, he's still a slick figure.

So Power Rangers fans, what other figures do you want to see Hasbro make next in a two-pack? Let us know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MattAguilarCB for all things Power Rangers!

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