Power Rangers: Super7 Announces Mighty Morphin Figures

Super7 had teased in recent days that some big announcements were coming, and they more than delivered today, as they just announced that Mighty Morphin Power Rangers is coming to several of their lines in 2021. In collaboration with Hasbro, Super7 is bringing the Rangers to their ReAction, Super Cyborg, and ULTIMATES! lines, and it all kicks off with the Super Cyborg Megazord figure this spring. The Super Cyborg Megazord will have a removable torso panel that will showcase the robot inside, and the figure will release with a capsule collection that will include apparel, accessories, and more.

After that, the first wave of 3.75 ReAction figures will hit stores, including the Red Ranger, Green Ranger, Rita Repulsa, Putty Patrol, Pudgy Pig, and the Megazord. There are also two more waves coming later in 2021, and it will include a plethora of Rangers and villains.

(Photo: Super7)

After that, it's time for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ULTIMATES! line, and the first wave will include the Yellow Ranger, Green Ranger, Tyrannosaurus DinoZord, Goldar, and a Putty Patroller, though we don't have a date yet for wave one.

“When learning about Japanese toy history, you go back to the classics, and every generation had their Super Sentai series. For American audiences, that started in 1993 with Mighty Morphin Power Rangers,” said Super7 Founder & Owner, Brian Flynn. “This year, Super7 will finally get to transform, power up and run wild in the world of Power Rangers and help create the adventures for the next generation of Power Ranger fans!”

ReAction figures are an homage to the action figures of our childhood and are focused on a smaller size and simpler sculpting. The ULTIMATES! line, on the other hand, consists of made-to-order figures that come packed with a variety of extra features, accessories, and articulation, making them the perfect figures for collectors.


This is in addition to Hasbro's Lightning Collection, which continues to put out new figures at a quick and steady pace, so 2021 is shaping up to be a great year for Power Rangers collectors.

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