Saban Brands Reveals New Power Rangers Logo

2018 is a big year for the Power Rangers franchise, and Saban Brands just revealed a brand new [...]

2018 is a big year for the Power Rangers franchise, and Saban Brands just revealed a brand new logo as part of the celebration.

The new Power Rangers logo ditches the rounded design and features a straight spelling out of Power Rangers. The letters have a sci-fi metal effect and the lightning bolt in the center is now yellow, themed after the original Power Rangers logo (via Heat Vision).

Also noteworthy is the multicolored highlights on each letter, representing many of the famed Ranger colors from the franchise.

(Photo: Saban Brands)

You can view the new logo in the image above.

This is just one part of the 25th Anniversary celebration but coupled with today's Hasbro news, is already getting the year off to a big start.

The new logo is actually right in line with one of Hasbro's main goals, which is to appeal to not only new fans but also longtime ones.

"We're particularly excited to introduce the brand to the youngest Power Rangers fans, but we've also talked for many years about the growth and development of the fan economy," Goldner said "We do believe that fans today have more interest in, and more access to, fan-oriented products. The online retailing world allows us to retail products at higher price points, along with conventions, to move product that are aimed at older fans. You can only imagine with the amazing creativity of the Power Rangers show, as well as Haim's own creativity, that this allows for some very exciting things as we move forward."

While new fans are important, don't expect to see less of those classic characters.

"I think there's a lot of love for the classic characters," Goldner admits. "I was around in the first years when Haim and Saban decided to renew the concept every year, and we could see how it renewed interest every year. It allowed the creative to change and the brand to evolve. We want to continue to evolve and reinvent. We're very dedicated to continuing to evolve and rededicate the brand every year."

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