WWE and Power Rangers Collide in Epic Zeo Intro Featuring Alexa Bliss, Kofi Kingston, and More

It might not seem like it at first glance, but WWE and Power Rangers have quite a bit in common. Both franchises follow heroic characters attempting to defeat deadly villains, and all of them manage to acheive the impossible on a regular basis in and out of the ring. Both also feature colorful costumes and larger than life monsters to conquer (looking at you Fiend) and now thanks to Mike Rome and a host of WWE superstars like Alexa Bliss, Otis, Kofi Kingston, and more, we have the ultimate crossover in the form of WWE Power Rangers Zeo, and you can watch the amazing mash-up video intro below.

Rome posted the video with the caption "We had to evolve... here is the WWE Power Rangers Zeo!", and as you can see, he did a stellar job in casting for this new version of the team.

First up is the Pink Ranger, played by Alexa Bliss, followed by the team's Yellow Ranger, which is played by Vanessa Craft. Next, we have the Blue Ranger, played by Austin Creed (Xavier Woods), and his New Day teammate Kofi Kingston happens to be on board as well, playing the team's Green Ranger. Every team needs a leader of course, and Mike Rome is pulling leadership duty as the team's Red Ranger.

The intro features a few more familiar faces, featuring Johnny Gargano as what we assume is the Billy mentor spot, followed by an absolutely perfect casting of Otis and Tucker (Heavy Machinery) as the lovable goofballs Bulk and Skull.

You can check out the full intro video above, and we've got to give props on a job well done.

Now, the question is, who would become the team's Gold Ranger? Zeo Gold shows up later in the season, and there are quite a few names to pick from for the role. One that pops up right away is Ricochet, who is capable of all sorts of larger than life feats in the ring and fancies himself a WWE superhero anyway. Give him the black and gold and you've got a perfect Power Ranger!


Also someone needs to play Zordon, and for our pick, we're going with Drew McIntyre. Sure it's not the conventional pick, but c'mon, imagine Zordon commanding the Rangers with McIntyre's voice coming from the blue face in a tube. I mean, it would be magic.

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