'Star Trek: Discovery' Finale Brings the Crossover Fans Have Been Waiting For

Star Trek: Discovery’s first season finale episode, “Will You Take My Hand?,” ended with an [...]

Star Trek: Discovery's first season finale episode, "Will You Take My Hand?," ended with an on-screen arrival that should have every classic Star Trek fan buzzing throughout the entire offseason.

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The finale of Star Trek: Discovery's first season ties up many loose ends. The Klingon War comes to an end. Burnham has her rank in Starfleet reinstated and her mutiny pardoned. Most of the crew have received promotions and they've all received medals of honor.

All Discovery needs now is a new captain. The Discovery sets its course for Vulcan to pick up their new commanding officer. They're joined by Burnham's foster father, Sarek, who couldn't pass up the opportunity to see his home planet. The ship will be traveling by warp for the foreseeable future until Starfleet comes up with a non-human interface for the spore drive.

Saru, who is acting captain, orders the jump to warp. Discovery begins its journey but it soon receives a priority-one Starfleet distress call.

On the ship's computer consoles the registry number "NCC-17.." begins to show. They are hailed by Captain Pike, whom Burnham recognizes as the captain of the Enterprise. She and Sarek share a look because they both also know that Pike's science officer is Spock - Sarek's biological son and Burnham's foster brother.

The final scene of the season is the Enterprise coming up on the Discovery. The two ships come nose to nose as the credits begin to roll. The end credits music from Star Trek: The Original Series plays as the credits roll.

Fans of the original Star Trek will also notice that the Enterprise has a new look. It's less smooth and more intricate, in-line with the look of the ships seen in Star Trek: Discovery.

While this is the first time that the Discovery and the Enterprise have met, that we know of, we know the book Star Trek: Discovery – Desperate Hours that Burnham has worked with Captain Pike and Mr. Spock on Federation business while serving aboard the Shenzhou.

Star Trek: Discovery will return for a second season on CBS All Access. What role the Enterprise plays in that season remains to be seen.