New Star Trek Movie in the Works From Star Trek: Discovery Writer

Star Trek: Discovery writer and consulting producer Kalinda Vazquez has reportedly been tapped by [...]

Star Trek: Discovery writer and consulting producer Kalinda Vazquez has reportedly been tapped by Paramount to pen a new, JJ Abrams-produced Star Trek feature film. As of this writing, there is nothing else known about the project, which is unlikely to be a retooling of any previously-existing story for a fourth movie in the Abrams-produced Trek film series. There is, given the nature of Star Trek, the possibility that the film could actually feature characters from the Discovery era and show. There's also a distinct possibility,given the launch today of Paramount+, that the movie could be developed for the streaming platform as a high-profile release.

TheWrap, who first reported the news, cite sources close to the production. Their story has no further specifics, but says there will be more news forthcoming.

Deadline reports that the movie is an original pitch from Vazquez, and that the move to hire her on will increase her role in Paramount's Star Trek Universe. Besides Discovery, Vazquez has worked on Fear the Walking Dead, Marvel's Runaways, Human Target and Prison Break. She is also developing Roadmarks, based on a Roger Zelazny book, with Game of Thrones creator George R. R. Martin.

The Star Trek film franchise has been in a holding pattern since 2016's Star Trek Beyond. That movie was a modest financial and critical success, although it made $100 million less than the previous installment, Star Trek Into Darkness. It also featured the final onscreen appearance of Anton Yelchin's Chekov, as the actor passed away prior to the movie's theatrical release. The film was followed by reports that Quentin Tarantino would write a stand-alone, R-rated Star Trek movie, but that project seems dead as Tarantino has stepped away. Legion's Noah Hawley also tried to get a Trek movie off the ground, but the studio and filmmaker had a creative difference of opinion on the film's direction.

More details on this as the story develops.

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