'Star Trek: Discovery' Is Most Popular Streaming Show in the US, UK According to Report

Star Trek: Discovery is the most popular streaming television program in the United States, the [...]

Star Trek: Discovery is the most popular streaming television program in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Switzerland according to findings in a new study by the industry analysts that the film Parrot Analytics.

According to the study, Star Trek: Discovery on CBS All Access was the most popular show on any streaming platform by a wide margin for every week that it has been on the in 2018, which covers a period from January through early March.

This assertion is based on Parrot Analytics' study of "demand expressions," which incorporates several metrics including ratings from fans and critics, social media data, and peer-to-peer and streaming content data.

The success of Star Trek: Discovery seems to have CBS feeling confident about Star Trek's future, enough so to sign series co-creator and now showrunner Alex Kurtzman to a five-year deal to expand the Star Trek television franchise.

"There is a very short list of writer-producer-directors that every film and television studio wants to be associated with, and Alex and his Secret Hideout team are always at the top," said David Stapf, President, CBS Television Studios, in a press release when Kurtzman's deal was announced. "His talent, taste and ability to shepherd a successful project is unparalleled. Alex has done remarkable work for our Studio, dating back seven years to the launch of Hawaii Five-0, and we are thrilled that he, Heather and their team will be partnering with us for a long time to come."

"Heather, Aaron and I are thrilled to continue Secret Hideout's amazing partnership with CBS Television Studios," said Kurtzman. "Since our first collaboration with Hawaii Five-0 almost a decade ago, Les, David and the full team at CBS Studios have been our foremost collaborators and champions, treating each project with integrity, supporting the creative visions and working breathlessly to make each episode of every show the best it can be. CBS has also allowed us the great pleasure of reintroducing the world of Star Trek audiences new and old, and we are very excited to keep working alongside them to expand that world."

There are rumored to be as many as four Star Trek television projects already being considered for development. Here are the Star Trek shows we most want to see.

The first season of Star Trek: Discovery is available to stream in its entirety on CBS All Access in the United States, through CraveTV in Canada, and through Netflix in other international markets. Star Trek: Discovery Season Two is now filming in Toronto.

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