'Star Trek: Discovery' Season 1 Episode 11: "The Wolf Inside" Recap with Spoilers

On the Discovery, a member of the crew is working on repairing an are of engineering. She hears [...]

On the Discovery, a member of the crew is working on repairing an are of engineering. She hears Stamets rambling about trees in a dark forest as he cradles Culber's body.

On the Shenzhou, Burnham reflects on what she knows of the mirror universe. Mirror Saru comes to tend to her. Though he is Saru, he says he is a slave with no name. He bathes and grooms her.

Dressed in her Terran Empire uniform, Burnham oversees the sentencing of three traitors to the Empire They are beamed into the vacuum of space. Burnham remarks to Tyler that it is getting easier for her to pass as a member of the mirror universe, which scares her. She tells Tyler that he reminds her of everything good. Tyler tells Burnham that she is his together, both here and in their own universe. They're interrupted by slave Saru. She sends Tyler away to check on Lorca. Burnham accidentally calls the slave Saru and tells him that she will call him that from now on out of respect for a friend.

Burnham gets a secure transmission from "Captain" Tilly. She hands the transmission over to Saru. Burnham reports that she's accessed the data on the Defiant, but it's too large to transfer to the Discovery through the Terran firewall. He tells her that Stamets' condition has not improved. Saru asks if she's encountered any Kelpians. She tells him that she has not.

They end the transmission. Tilly feels they should have told her about Culber's death. Saru says it would distract Burnham from the mission. They believe Stamets killed Culber and have him restrained.Tilly wants to take over Stamets' treatment. She believes that his state is related to the spores and so she is most qualified.

Burnham receives a mission from the Emperor via a transmission. They have to the location of the Firewolf, the Klingon leader of the resistance. She is to find him and wipe out the resistance base. Burnham gives the order that she will lead a landing party and wipe the Firewolf's cell out herself, gaining information on the Resistance that leads to its demise.

Burnham debates what to do about her mission to wipe out the rebels. Lorca encourages her to follow the order. Burnham is determined to find another way. In addition. she sees the resistance as the closest thing in this universe to a Federation. Knowing that its led by a Klingon gives her hope that meeting them she can find some common ground to negotiate with the Klingons when they return home.

Tilly tells Saru about the time Stamets called her captain. Now they're in a universe where she is a captain. She theorizes that Stamets has an internal portal between dimension in his brain. She performs an experiment on Stamets using the spores.

Burnham and Tyler beam down to the surface of the planet where the Firewolf is hiding out. Rebel forces open fire on them. Burnham lays down their weapons and asks for an audience with the Firewolf. They're taken prisoner by the rebels.

They discover that active camouflage keeps the rebel base hidden. Inside, they meet the Firewolf: the Klingon Voq. Voq recognizes Burnham as "the Butcher of the Binary Stars." She encourages him to listen and tells them that the Emperor knows their location. She offers to help in exchange for something from the Firewolf. She will bomb the base, but allow the rebels to escape first. Voq calls for the prophet, the mirror Sarek. Sarek mind melds with Burnham. He sees her childhood growing up with him in her own universe. He sees Amanda Grayson. He sees her mutiny trial. He tells the others that Burnham means them no harm.

Voq believes Sarek and agrees to evacuate the camp. Burnham asks Voq how he assembled such a diverse group. He says the light of Kahless leads him. The mention of Kahless gives Tyler flashbacks to T'Kuvma's preaching about "staying Klingons." For this Voq, a strong Klingon Empire allowed them to reach out to others. Tyler shouts a cry in Klingon and attacks Voq. Voq defeats Tyler. He moves to execute Tyler, but Sarek speaks up for Burnham. He says she is an outsider, like them, who wants the same thing. He says that they will only survive by sparing Burnham's life. To show Burnham was successful, they hand over intelligence that will be inoperable by the time its deciphered. They beam back to the Shenzhou.

Tilly continues to work on Stamets with Saru.The spores are helping bring Stamets back. Saru says he will consider recommending Tilly for the command program. Stamets begins having a negative reaction. His vitals flatline. Medical officers are called in. They try to resuscitate him.

In her quarters, Burnham demands to know what is happening with Tyler. She wants to know what he's hiding. He says he feels something for L'Rell. He's forced to listen to her. Her words tell her who he is. Burnham says she brainwashed him. He says its more than that. He has a flashback to his surgeries. He says he doesn't think he's Ash Tyler. He remembers being Voq after seeing Voq in the mirror universe. He says he couldn't fight it anymore. He remembers it all. He was to infiltrate their ship. He reveals that he killed Culber when he discovered the truth.

Tyler attacks Burnham. She's saved by Saru. Two guards take Tyler away. He is to be executed. Burnham gives the order.

Tilly is apologizing to Stamets's lifeless body when he begins showing signs of life again. In his mind, he meets his mirror self in a spore forest.

Burnham asks Tyler if he has anything to say for himself before being beamed into space. He speaks in Klingon, asking for Kahless's light. She punches him in the stomach. Burnham beams him out herself. She asks for Lorca to be transported to her ready room.

Tyler is beamed from space back onto the Discovery. Tyler is a prisoner and when Burnham punched Tyler she stashed the information on the Defiant in his belt. It is now in Saru's hands.

She discusses their next move with Lorca. Lorca says they have to wait for Saru to isolate the data and guarantee the way home. Lorca says they'll survive this place together.

Another vessel arrives around the planet and opens fire on the resistance base. The rebels will not have had time to escape. It's the Emperor herself, Philippa Georgiou.