'Star Trek: Discovery' Reveals the Terran Emperor

The Terran Emperor of Star Trek's mirror universe stands revealed.SPOILERS for the Star Trek: [...]

The Terran Emperor of Star Trek's mirror universe stands revealed.

SPOILERS for the Star Trek: Discovery episode "The Wolf Inside" follow.

Since arriving in the mirror universe, there have been whispers of the Terran Emperor. The Emperor has loomed in the background of every mirror universe episode of Star Trek. Until now, the Emperor has never appeared on-screen. Well, unless you count the moment Hoshi Sato declared herself empress in "In a Mirror, Darkly."

The Emperor made a dramatic entrance at the end "The Wolf Inside." The Emperor had ordered Burnham to take the Shenzhou to destroy a rebel base. Instead, Burnham orchestrated a meet with the leader called the Firewolf. The plan was successful despite Ash Tyler's other personality awakening.

Then things went wrong. Burnham had given the resistance an hour to evacuate. Another vessel arrived and immediately opened fire on the planet.

It was the Emperor's vessel. A transmission came through and it was the Emperor herself, Philippa Georgiou.

Burnham is, of course, horrified by the sight of Georgiou. In the prime timeline, Georgiou was her mentor and commanding officer on the Shenzhou. Burnham mutinied against Georgiou when they made contact with the Klingons. This kicked off the Battle at the Binary Stars, which ended up with Georgiou dead.

Now Georgiou is alive and in command of an entire empire. Of course, this is a twisted, dark version of Georgiou, not the Georgiou Burnham knew. The preview for the next episode implies the Emperor had a relationship with her Burnham. Was mirror Burnham once her first officer, like in the prime timeline?

Georgiou seems to have a standing relationship with Gabriel Lorca as well. In the preview, we see Georgiou come face to face with the man who - in the mirror universe - tried to overthrow her rule. This Lorca is just as defiant in the face of the Emperor.

Fans may remember that last episode Stamets warned in a vision that they shouldn't go to the palace. Since they're now guests of the Emperor, things may not end well for the Discovery crew.

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