'Star Trek: Discovery' Reveals Where Spock Went After Leaving the Enterprise

Spock has left his post as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Enterprise. Now Star Trek fans [...]

Spock has left his post as Chief Science Officer aboard the USS Enterprise. Now Star Trek fans know exactly where he's gone.

SPOILERS for Star Trek: Discovery Episode 202, "New Eden," follow.

Fans know that Spock, played by Ethan Peck, is coming to Star Trek: Discovery in Season Two. However, despite the title "Brother," Cmdr. Michael Burnham foster sibling did not appear in the show's season two premiere (which can now be watched for free on YouTube). The second episode of the new season, "New Eden," sheds some light on the situation.

In "Brother," Spock's commanding officer, Capt. Christopher Pike (Anson Mount), took control of Discovery to investigate a series of red signals that appeared throughout the galaxy. He beamed over with a tactical officer and a science officer. Burnham expected the science officer to be Spock, but instead, it was it was another officer, Lt. Connelley.

Burnham later asks to beam aboard the Enterprise to speak with Spock. Pike tells her that's not possible because Spock isn't aboard the Enterprise, having taken leave weeks ago. Pike tells Burnham that he doesn't know where Spock went, but grants Burnham permission to go aboard the Enterprise and investigate Spock's quarters. There, Burnham finds Spock's final log aboard the Enterprise. Encoded within is a map of the red signals that Spock created weeks before the bursts actually appeared.

In "New Eden," Burnham brings this information to Pike. Learning that Spock may have a connection to the red signals prompts Pike to reveal that he does actually know where Spock is.

Spock committed himself to the psychiatric ward at Starbase 5. Per his request, Spock's family was not told, but Pike decides that the urgency of Discovery's current mission supersedes Spock's desire for privacy.

Knowing that Spock is in a psychiatric ward explains a good bit of what we know about his appearance in Star Trek: Discovery. Being committed may explain why he hasn't bothered to shave. It also may explain why he's seen being brought into Discovery's sickbay on what looks like a medical stretcher in the Star Trek: Discovery Season Two trailer.

Star Trek: Discovery has revealed that Spock struggled with nightmares as a child and that those nightmares recently returned to him. Struggling to understand those nightmares and regain control over his fear may be what drove Spock to commit himself, but it seems like the fate of the galaxy may now rest on his shoulders.

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