The Official 'Star Trek' Enterprise Cheese Board Is on Sale

You’re looking at the official Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 cheese/cutting board - accept no [...]


You're looking at the official Star Trek Enterprise NCC-1701 cheese/cutting board - accept no substitutes.

Actually, this is a very versatile piece of equipment for entertaining. On one side you have the Enterprise serving as a cheese board and cracker holder with a built-in knife and fork. Flip it over and you have a cutting board for larger jobs. Yes, yes…you can't live without this product for another second. We understand. You can grab it here for $34.95, which is a whopping $25 off the list price. The official description reads:

"The Enterprise is a truly agile and able ship, capable of almost anything. In the form of the Star Trek Cutting Board, the NCC-1701 is ready to serve stellar hors-d'oeuvres. Perfect for entertaining aboard the Enterprise, this serves as both an unbeatable cheese plate and a sleek cutting board. In this inspired design, a cheese knife and cheese fork seamlessly tuck away into the board as the engines. The base and utensil handles have small magnets to help keep them in place when moving around. The base also features cracker slots to keep crackers in place. The ship is laser-etched into the top with accurate details. Flip over this vessel for cheese and crackers and use the base as a full sized cutting board. - Made from durable and sustainable Bamboo - Hand wash only - Dry thoroughly before storing - Includes cheese knife and cheese fork."

If you enjoy this, you may also be interested to hear that the official Star Trek Enterprise sushi set is only $12.99 right now - 63% off the list price. How about a set of 3D Star Trek Enterprise coasters and tiki mugs? Seems like a Star Trek dinner party is definitely in order here.

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