Star Trek: Michael Dorn Believes Now Is the Perfect Time for a Worf Spinoff

Now the perfect time for CBS to launch a Star Trek: The Next Generation spinoff starring [...]

Now the perfect time for CBS to launch a Star Trek: The Next Generation spinoff starring Starfleet's first Klingon officer, Worf, at least according to the actor who played the beloved character, Michael Dorn.

"This is, I think, perfectly timed and placed," Dorn told Inverse. "You're not stepping on anybody's toes, and I always thought the Klingon Empire was a great empire to write about because it's Shakespearean."

The comparisons don't stop at Shakespeare though. Dorn believes a show about Worf operating a ship of the Klingon Empire would have some other timely parallels as well.

"The Klingon Empire has had to evolve and change and they don't like that and they're fighting it every step of the way," Dorn says. "They've had to introduce aliens into their society. Just like our world now is becoming a global world where it's not just like, 'Oh we're Californians and that's all that really matters.' We're talking about something here and it affects China."

Beside shifting focus to Worf and taking place on a Klingon vessel rather than a Starfleet ship, Dorn says he imagines the show would be structured much like Star Trek: The Next Generation was.

"Worf is on a ship and he's going out and all the adventures are happening with him," Dorn says. "Every episode is like the original or Next Generation. It's a self-contained episode that has a beginning, a middle, and an end. And it says something."

Dorn said earlier in the year that the coming new Star Trek series focuses on Worf's old commanding officer, Jean-Luc Picard, gave him hope that the Worf series could still happen. He's been campaigning for the series, which has been referred to varyingly as Captain Worf and The Worf Chronicles, for years. Fans rallied around the series when Dorn was pitching it, launching the #WeWantWorf hashtag, but it was never picked up.

At one point, Dorn admitted that CBS' development of prequel series Star Trek: Discovery was probably a sign that the Worf series would never be made, but CBS's expansion of the Star Trek franchise beyond Discovery has made Dorn more hopeful, as revealed when discussing the Worf show back in July.

Fans may wonder if the Picard show could be used a launching pad for a Worf spinoff. While Dorn didn't rule out appearing for a significant role in the new series, he did make it clear that he's not interested in a simple cameo role.

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