Star Trek: Picard: Firewall Cover Revealed

The Star Trek: Picard prequel stars Seven of Nine.

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Star Trek: Picard, the streaming series, is over, but its universe expands with the upcoming prequel novel Star Trek: Picard: Firewall. Simon and Schuster unveiled the official cover for Star Trek: Picard: Firewall, featuring a dramatically illuminated Seven of Nine, who is the novel's focus. Veteran Star Trek novelist David Mack (Star Trek: Destiny, Star Trek: Coda) wrote Firewall. The novel's timing makes it as much a sequel to Star Trek: Voyager as it is a prequel to Star Trek: Picard. Picking up two years after Voyager's return from the delta quadrant, Firewall finally reveals how Seven of Nine became a member of the Fenris Rangers after not being immediately welcomed by Starfleet due to her history as a Borg drone. You can see Star Trek: Picard: Firewall's cover below.

"Set a couple of years after Voyager's return from the Delta Quadrant, FIREWALL tells the story of young Seven of Nine, having been denied a place in  Starfleet, venturing alone into the galaxy to find her own identity and purpose in life," Mack teased when the Firewall was first announced. "Seven's journey leads her to join the rogue law-enforcement corps known as the Fenris Rangers — but embracing her new destiny might mean sacrificing the most important thing in her life: her friendship with Kathryn Janeway. I'm halfway through the manuscript; I think it's going to be really good, a coming-of-age story as well as an adventure."

(Photo: Simon and Shuster)

Star Trek: Picard: Firewall synopsis

The publisher's official synopsis for Star Trek: Picard: Firewall describes the novel as, "A thrilling prequel adventure based on the acclaimed TV series Star Trek: Picard! Two years after the USS Voyager's return from the Delta Quadrant, Seven of Nine finds herself rejected for a position in Starfleet…and instead finds a new home with the interstellar rogue law enforcement corps known as the Fenris Rangers. The Rangers seem like an ideal fit for Seven—but to embrace this new destiny, she must leave behind all she's ever known, and risk losing the most important thing in her life: her friendship with Admiral Kathryn Janeway."

Star Trek: Picard: Firewall is tStar Trek: Picard's fifth tie-in novel. It follows The Last Best Hope, a prequel chronicling the events leading to Jean-Luc Picard's resignation from Starfleet; The Dark Veil, a prequel about Riker and Troi's time aboard the Titan; Rogue Elements, a prequel about Cris Rios, and Second Self, a Raffi-focused story set between Star Trek: Picard's first and second season. Raffi and Seven were also featured in the audio drama Star Trek: Picard: No Man's Land, with Michelle Hurd and Jeri Ryan reprising their roles. Two Star Trek: Picard comic book miniseries have also been published: Countdown in 2020 and Stargazer in 2022.

Star Trek: Picard is now streaming on Paramount+. Fans still hope to see more of Seven of Nine-led in a Star Trek: Picard sequel series.