Star Trek: Michael Dorn Not Interested in Picard Series Cameo

Star Trek: The Next Generation star Patrick Stewart is returning to his role as Jean-Luc Picard [...]

Star Trek: The Next Generation star Patrick Stewart is returning to his role as Jean-Luc Picard for a new CBS All Access series, but one of his old co-stars says he'd pass on a cameo if offered.

Michael Dorn attended the Destination Star Trek convention in Birmingham, UK this weekend. During a press conference, Dorn said he would not be interested in reprising his role as Worf, the Klingon Chief of Security aboard the Enterprise under Picard's command, for a cameo in the new show.

As Dorn explained, the it takes to transform a human actor into a Klingon character would not be worth it for an appearance that amounts to "Mr. Worf what are you doing here," according to Gizmodo UK.

According to a previous convention appearance Dorn made with Star Trek: The Next Generation co-stars Marina Sirtis and Gates McFadden, no one from The Next Generation other than Stewart has been asked to return for the new series.

"All I have to say, all we have to say - I am speaking for all three of us now - when Patrick said 'Jean-Luc Picard is back,' he didn't say TNG is back," Sirtis said.

"We weren't asked," Dorn said.

"We weren't asked, but I was asked to be on The Orville. I am on The Orville," Sirtis said, referring to Seth MacFarlane's FOX Television space comedy series that is heavily inspired by MacFarlane's love for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

Speculation that the Enterprise crew could return was sparked when Sirtis shared to social media a photo of most of The Next Generation cast having dinner with Stewart.

"I got 30,000 likes…that is the most likes I ever got," she said. "So, don't ask us anything about Patrick's show, because we know nothing."

While Dorn may not be interested in a cameo appearance on the new Picard series, he does not rule out a meatier role. In the timeline of the post-Star Trek: Nemesis novels published by Pocket Books, Worf becomes Picard's First Officer aboard the Enterprise-E after Will Riker leaves the ship to take command of the USS Titan. However, there's been no indication that the Picard series will use the timeline of the novels and the new TV series is also said to take place a decade after the latest of these novels published so far, with hints that Picard is no longer a captain at all.

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