Star Trek: The Next Generation: Shadows Have Offended Announced

A new Star Trek: The Next Generation adventure awaits in Star Trek: The Next Generation: Shadows [...]

A new Star Trek: The Next Generation adventure awaits in Star Trek: The Next Generation: Shadows Have Offended. While Jean-Luc Picard's adventures continue in Star Trek: Picard and its upcoming second season, the new novel gives fans a chance to revisit the Enterprise-D during Star Trek: The Next Generation's seventh and final season. The book, which marks novelist Cassandra Rose Clarke's Star Trek debut, splits the crew into two groups. Riker, Data, and Dr. Crusher investigate an incident on a Federation science station while Picard, Worf, and Troi deal with a diplomatic crisis on what should have been a routine transport mission. Here's the full synopsis from Simon and Schuster:

"The USS Enterprise has been granted the simple but unavoidable honor of ferrying key guests to Betazed for a cultural ceremony. En route, sudden tragedy strikes a Federation science station on the isolated planet Kota, and Captain Jean-Luc Picard has no qualms sending William Riker, Data, and Chief Medical Officer Beverly Crusher to investigate. But what begins as routine assignments for the two parties soon descends into chaos: Picard, Worf, and Deanna Troi must grapple with a dangerous diplomatic crisis as historic artifacts are stolen in the middle of a high-profile ceremony…while nothing is as it seems on Kota. A mounting medical emergency coupled with the science station's failing technology—and no hope of rescue—has Doctor Crusher racing against time to solve a disturbing mystery threatening the lives of all her colleagues…."

Shadows Have Offended is Clarke's first Star Trek novel, but she has plenty of other work under her belt. She's written Our Lady of the Ice, Magic of Blood and Sea, Magic of Wind and Mist, Star's End, The Mad Scientist's Daughter, The Assassin's Curse, Halo: Battle Born, and Halo: Meridian Divide.

As for the future, a few members of the Star Trek: The Next Generation crew have appeared in Star Trek: Picard already. More such appearances could be on the way.

"In meetings when we talked about bringing in members of The Next Generation crew, that was one of the things I was most passionate about, which was not only should Picard have changed during the 18 years that had passed, but the same has to be applied to Counselor Troi, to Commander Riker, to whoever it is," Patrick Stewart said in a 2020 interview with Gold Derby. "And by the way, I am very hopeful we will see more of The Next Generation crew before we say goodbye to Picard. And that is just what they did, and there is no better example than the episode."

Star Trek: The Next Generation: Shadow Have Offended is available to pre-order now via Amazon. The novel goes on sale on July 13th.

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