Star Trek's Enterprise Just Became a Transformer

As if Star Trek’s Starship Enterprise wasn’t awesome enough, now its a Transformer [...]

As if Star Trek's Starship Enterprise wasn't awesome enough, now its a Transformer too.

SPOILERS for Star Trek vs. Transformers #3 by John Barber, Mike Johnson, Jack Lawrence, and Josh Burcham follow.

The story of Star Trek vs. Transformers so far has been chaos as Kirk's crew, the Autobots, the Klingons, and the Decepticons all skirmish on the planet Cygnus Seven. Kirk's crew at first was unable to tell friend from foe as the Transformers all appeared to be potentially dangerous giant robots, but Spock's mind-meld with Optimus Prime helped fix that.

Spock learned that the Autobots and the Decepticons have been at war for a long time and that - just like in the original Transformers cartoon - that war had brought them to Earth, where they disguised themselves as vehicles. The war was starting up again on Earth when World War III happened, just like in the history of the Star Trek universe.

The Autobots traveled on a Titan - a Transformer the size of a city - called Fortress Maximus. Fortress Maximus transformed into a starship and took the Autobots away from Earth until they were attacked by the Decepticon Titan Trypticon and crash-landed on Cygnus Seven, where the Transformers remained dormant until now.

The battle on Cygnus Seven began swinging in in the favor of the Decepticons and the Klingons, who had formed an uneasy alliance while Kirk, several members of the Enterprise crew, and several Autobots remained trapped in one of the planet's mines.

Ratchet came up with a plan that could make the Titan ship functional again. By hooking Kirk's mind directly up to Fortress Maximus' computer, the Titan was able to use Kirk's memories to take on the form of the Enterprise. Now back online, Kirk is able to pilot the massive starship/Transformer and blast free of the mine. Once outside, Kirk transforms the Enterprise into a giant robot. Rather than being Fortress Maximus, the robot borrow's Kirk's middle name to become Fortress Tiberius:

Star Trek Transformers Fortress Tiberius
(Photo: Jack Lawrence, Josh Burcham, John barber, Mike Johnson, IDW Publishing)

On Twitter, artist Phil Murphy revealed his original designs for Fortress Tiberius, tweeting, "It was an amazing opportunity to get the chance to design the ICONIC! Enterprise as a Transformer, if you want to see how Fortress Tiberius comes to check out Star Trek vs Transformers #3."

(Photo: Phil Murphy)

Now if only we could get a Fortress Tiberius action figure…

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Star Trek vs. Transformers #3 is on sale now.