'Star Trek: Year Five' Behind-the-Scenes Video Released

A new video goes behind the scenes of Star Trek: Year Five with writer Jackson Lanzing.The series [...]

A new video goes behind the scenes of Star Trek: Year Five with writer Jackson Lanzing.

The series tells the story of the final days of the five-year mission from Star Trek: The Original Series. Lanzing spoke in the above video about the upcoming IDW Publishing comic book series after meeting in the series writers' room.

"This was truly a dream come true for me as a kid who grew up on Star Trek, who has loved it his whole life," Lanzing says. "I mean, there's is no fictional world, there is no story out there that means more to me than Star Trek and to be able to sit around a table with with such an incredible group of people, with my best friend at my side, and be creating the final journey of the USS Enterprise is a staggering moment in my life creatively and also personally."

He went on to discuss the challenges of writing the final adventures of the Enterprise's five-year mission.

"I think it's impossible to approach Star Trek: The Original Series without a sense of the weight and legacy and import of what it is you're doing. These are not just icons, but these are icons in their purest original form. This is William Shatner. This is Leonard Nimoy. This is Nichelle Nichols. You aren't telling a side story. You're not telling a What If. You're not recasting. You are going back to the original icons and trying to tell a story that lives up to them. So, for me, yes, of course, the weight is there immensely, what allows us all to be able to do this and do it well, is the support of an incredible team at IDW but also the support of an incredible infrastructure at Star Trek. Everybody at Star Trek seems really interested in telling new, exciting, cool stories right now."

He also said that he hopes Year Five will be a fulfillment of the promise of the original Star Trek.

"Star Trek: The Original Series was a beautiful drama series. It was one that was willing to put a lens up to our world and a lens up to its characters in every episode and try to get something out of them. What that team was doing back then in terms of interrogating the real root of our humanity even as they did it against these crazy strange stories is something that I hope that we are going to carry over into this iteration of the series. "

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Star Trek: Year Five #1 goes on sale April 10th.


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