Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica Star Katee Sackhoff Would Be Open to Star Trek Role

After battling The Flash in the DC Universe and spending time in memorable roles in the Star Wars [...]

After battling The Flash in the DC Universe and spending time in memorable roles in the Star Wars and Battlestar Galactica universes, actor Katee Sackhoff said in a new interview that she would not say no to a chance to appear in a Star Trek project in the future. Sackhoff, who became a geek icon with her role as Starbuck in the Battlestar Galactica remake, has since gone on to appear in Longmire, Star Wars: The Clone Wars, and The Mandalorian. She even had a brief role in the Marvel Universe as She-Hulk on an episode of The Super Hero Squad Show.

So it's in that context that an interview came to ask her what territory was left to conquer. And Sackhoff's response? The Final Frontier, of course.

"I mean, I haven't been in Star Trek," Sackhoff told Looper. "That seems to be the one that's still there. That's still there and still exists for the possibility."

A pretty good possibility, at that. Sackhoff has a long history providing voices for the irreverent animated series Robot Chicken, and so it wouldn't seem unreasonable to think that Star Trek: Lower Decks, or even Nickelodeon's upcoming Star Trek: Prodigy would be out of the question. In both comedies and kids' shows, there's the possibility to embrace something that Sackhoff does better than almost anybody: going over-the-top in a delicious way.

"It's the same thing that happened to us during Battlestar Galactica," Sackhoff once told ComicBook, comparing the live-action sci-fi series to her animated antics as Bitch Puddin' on Robot Chicken. "It is very similar with animation and science fiction and things like that, action movies. Anything that is considered and deemed by the population to be unreal and not based on reality is allowed to be over the top, is allowed to be controversial because you can dismiss it by, 'It's not real.'...In animation or in science fiction and in animation, you're allowed to go there, whereas a lot of other shows aren't."

There are plenty of opportunities for employment in the Star Trek space right now. Besides the aforementioned animated shows, there's also Star Trek: Discovery, Star Trek" Picard, and Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, all of which either are airing or will soon air on Paramount+. There are always reports of feature films in development, although at present there does not seem to be one that's moving aggressively forward.