Chris Hardwick Talks Meeting J.K. Rowling And Star Wars Wedding On Live With Kelly

Live With Kelly is inviting stars from all over to guest host with the lovable personality, and [...]

Live With Kelly is inviting stars from all over to guest host with the lovable personality, and the latest co-host is none other than Talking Dead's Chris Hardwick.

You probably also know Hardwick from his Nerdist days as well as his Comedy Central talk show @Midnight, but ever since The Talking Dead became a staple on AMC, even more have been introduced to the popular comedian. In his first co-hosting gig with Ripa, a few geeky topics came up, including a recent meeting with Harry Potter creator J.K. Rowling, who Hardwick admitted he adores. Unfortunately, the meeting did not go as smoothly as planned.

"I do have to say, because of you I got to come into town yesterday a day early and go to the Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them premiere last night, and I met, um, I got a wand (twirls in the air), I met J.K. Rowling last night because you brought me here and it was one of the most incredible moments, and I got so nervous. I get nervous when I meet people that I idolize, so she said "It's very nice to meet you", and all the words rushed to my mouth at once and all I said was "I got a want today!" and that was it. That was my moment and then she turned around and have another conversation".

With wand in hand, Hardwick also recalled his recent wedding and shared some pictures with the audience. One of the pictures featured the wedding party posing with Jawas and R5 D4, which might be puzzling until he explained the ceremony.

"So we had a droid, and in the original Star Wars, R5 D4 is the droid that walks out, breaks down, and then they go with R2 D2. So in our wedding I had the droid be the ring bearer. He goes out, halfway through, breaks down, people in the wedding don't know what they're like try9ing to push the robot up to the alter, but then it's all a bit, the Jawas come out and then we get married."

Live With Kelly airs weekday mornings on ABC, while The Talking Dead appearance right after The Walking Dead Sundays on AMC.