Even Greedo Thinks Han Shot First in Star Wars

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

A lot of Star Wars fans can accept a digital Jabba the Hutt. A lot of them are okay with the extra aliens and vehicles inserted, making Tatooine a more vibrant world. But virtually no Star Wars fans accept one change in the Special Edition re-release of the first film: Greedo firing a blaster shot before Han Solo does.

"It said it all in the original script, we played the scene in English and at the end of the scene, it reads, 'Han shoots the alien.' It's all it says and that's what happened," actor Paul Blake, who played Greedo in the film told NY Daily News. Yes, even Greedo agrees that Han Solo should've taken the shot he did originally.

"It would be lovely to see them go back to the original version, I much preferred it, I must say. And it does give Greedo a little more glory if he's just blown away," Blake said.

He also joked that the way George Lucas changed it makes Greedo look "a bit inept," as he is shooting at Solo point-blank from across a table and massively misses. "He's a worse shot than a stormtrooper!" he said.


Paul Blake appears in the documentary Elstree 1976 about the making of Star Wars at Elstree Studios as one of the featured actors from the original film, in theaters and on demand Friday May 6, 2016.