Harrison Ford's Han Solo Jacket Sells For $191,000

Harrison Ford Jacket

If you could own a piece of Star Wars history, how much would you pay for it?

(Photo: TMZ)

That was a question posed to an unnamed bidder through online auction site IfOnly, and the answer was $191,000. The prize? Harrison Ford's jacket from Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens. The jacket itself would be enough for many, but Ford threw in a bonus by signing the inside of the jacket along with the date.

As for the money, Ford is putting that money to good use and donating it to the NYU Langone Medical Center and the FACES foundation. The money goes directly to funding research for Epilepsy, and that cause holds a closer meaning for Ford, as his daughter Georgia is being treated for Epilepsy at the same hospital.

via TMZ

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