Is Lucasfilm Recruiting For a New Star Wars TV Series?

A new job listing on the Lucasfilm Recruiting website is sure to get people speculating. The [...]

A new job listing on the Lucasfilm Recruiting website is sure to get people speculating. The recruitment website, which regularly posts jobs across the Lucasfilm and ILM family, is looking for a new Storyboard Artist to work on "an Episodic TV series."

The post, from Lucasfilm Animation could be the next indication that another new Star Wars animated series is being developed by the company. While some fans will be disappointed it's not a job listing for a live-action series, the animated machine there is well-oiled, and has been able to tell stories that a live-action show would never be able to broach, thanks to elaborate special effects sequences, huge casts, and characters from the original trilogy having stories told in their own pasts.

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The listing reads, "Works closely with the Supervising Director and Episodic Directors to create expressive and entertaining storyboards for an Episodic TV series. The Storyboard Artist conveys story from script through visual storytelling techniques in a 3d environment."

Now, this could just be a new hire for the current series, Star Wars Rebels, which is told in a 3D environment. However, that show's team is well-established, and the nature of animation means they're likely well into working on season 4 (which has not yet been officially announced) whilst season 3 is only in the middle of airing.

The other hint we've seen that Star Wars would be getting a third modern animated series (after The Clone Wars and Rebels) came a few months ago when Dave Filoni no longer had the "Supervising Director" title on Rebels. Instead, the executive producer would continue "overseeing all aspects of Star Wars Rebels production" while also "creatively overseeing future animation development," according to a Lucasfilm statement. With that, hinting at a future series, combined with this new job listing, it could be coming sooner rather than later.

What does that mean for the future of Rebels? Well, that series always had something of an expiration date on it, when it starts to rub against Rogue One and A New Hope it needs to meet a natural conclusion (the Rebels ship The Ghost, the droid Chopper, and pilot Hera Syndulla all appeared or were referenced in Rogue One). The idea of two Star Wars shows running simultaneously certainly isn't impossible either, though; sister company Marvel has had as many as four animated series ongoing at once, after all.

Perhaps we'll hear more at Star Wars Celebration Orlando in April 2017. For now, if you're a 2D and 3D storyboard artist: Job listing for you!

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