New Star Wars Droid Revealed

(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Has our favorite beep boop R2-D2 gone to the Dark Side? No, but the new Imperial astromech droid named C2-B5 does look a bit familiar, doesn't he. C2-B5 will be making his cinematic debut this fall in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We can only assume that his "beep boops" will sound much angrier and more evil than our beloved R2-D2 as C2-B5 works for the Empire.

C2-B5 was officially revealed in the latest episode of The Star Wars Show, in which we learned a bit more about him, his purpose in life, and his all matte black design. Apparently he is in charge of ensuring that the machinery that powers the Imperial army is working and kept up to date, maintenance-wise. This seems like a really fancy way of saying "janitor robot."

According to Pete Townley, host of The Star Wars Show, the C2-B5 droids have to undergo semi-regular memory wipes in order to keep them from rebelling. The Imperial technicians are not allowed to grant their droids independence. In other words, unlike R2-D2, the new droid on the block does not enjoy freedom.


You can watch the episode of The Star Wars Show below and check out the official announcement via the Star Wars Twitter account: