Star Wars: The Mandalorian Finally Reveals Sasha Banks' Role

WWE fans were curious to learn about Sasha Banks' role in Star Wars universe as part of the second season of the Disney+ series The Mandalorian. As of the third episode of the new season, those fans finally have their answer. The WWE star teased her role for weeks leading up to her Star Wars debut, leaving fans to speculate that she could be a Jedi. The eleventh episode of the show reveals she's something else. SPOILERS for the episode follow. Early in the episode, viewers see the shot of the hooded Banks skulking in the shadows, first shown in The Mandalorian' Season Two trailer. That complete scene sees Mando catching a glimpse of her right before she vanishes behind a crowd.

The next time we see her is when Mando is ambushed on a boat by some thugs, who manage to knock Baby Yoda with his carrier into the mouth of a mamacore below, and then they trap Mando in with the mamacore. As they attempt to push him down laser fire can be heard and we see several Mandalorians come to his rescue, while one kills the mamacore from below and saves Baby Yoda (though his little carrier is now scrap metal).

After Mando sits down with Baby Yoda we see all three Mandalorians take their helmets off, which prompts Mando to accuse them of not being Mandalorians. When they take their helmets off we see Sasha Banks on the left side, as you can see in the image below. The middle Mandalorian is Bo-Katan Kryze, who is from Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels.

(Photo: Disney)

As she explains later to Mando, they are true Mandalorians, and in fact, it's Mando who is the outsider, as he is a Child of the Watch. The Watch is a "cult of religious zealots" who want "to reestablish the ancient way", and thus aren't allowed to take off their helmets. This conversation takes place at a table where Banks can be seen eating a slug or worm of some kind, and it seems she has been fighting at Bo-Katan's side for quite some time.

Banks' character is named Koska Reeves, and she wields double laser pistols and is pretty much a badass, which is exactly what you would expect from The Boss.


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