'Solo: A Star Wars Story': More Details of Deleted Scene About Han's Time in the Empire

Solo: A Star Wars Story had quite a lot for audiences to take in, but we now know why one [...]

Solo: A Star Wars Story had quite a lot for audiences to take in, but we now know why one highly-anticipated moment ended up on the cutting room floor.

In a recent interview with IndieWire, Solo co-writer Jon Kasdan spoke a bit more about one of the film's deleted scenes, which would have shown Han Solo (Alden Ehrenreich) going through - and disobeying - the trials of the Imperial Navy. While some had been eager to see that presented onscreen, Kasdan reassured that it will probably be on the film's home release.

"We hope, and I believe that when you finally get a Blu-ray of this movie," Kasdan teased, "you'll see a terrific scene with Han in aerial training and then getting kicked out of aerial training."

And even though Kasdan himself cameoed in the sequence, as one half of the beloved comic book characters Tag and Bink, he ultimately agreed that the omission from the finished film was the best.

"Ultimately, I think you would think, and all people would agree, that the trajectory of the movie is helped by not having it," Kasdan explained. "But it is a moment that we too would have loved to see more of and really believe in."

So...what exactly would this deleted scene have entailed? As Kasdan previously told ComicBook.com, the short sequence would have given fans a better idea of how Han became the great pilot that he is, with plenty of hilarity thrown in.

"One of the things we went back and forth on a lot is that both Larry [Kasdan, co-writer] and I felt that it was important to see Han in the Imperial Academy, in the Navy, because we wanted to see him become this pilot," Kasdan explained to ComicBook.com. "And from the first draft through the last draft, there was a chunk of the movie — Very short. Like, I'd say 80 seconds long — That showed him in the Imperial Academy doing some sort of flight things, sort of disobeying a direct order, and getting kicked out.

"And as he's getting kicked out, he's being sort of moved out of the official courtroom by Tag and Bink, played by [me] and Toby Hefferman, our [first] AD." Kasdan continued. "And we were certain that these scene was going to remain because it's a crucial moment in his life. And it was the last thing to come out. It was heartbreaking."

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Solo: A Star Wars Story is in theaters now.