Donald Glover Opens Up on Phil Lord and Chris Miller's Firing from 'Solo'

Solo: A Star Wars Story swapping directors for Ron Howard created only a small bit of turbulence [...]

Solo: A Star Wars Story swapping directors for Ron Howard created only a small bit of turbulence for Lando Calrissian actor Donald Glover.

Glover, who joins the Star Wars universe for the first time with this weekend's release, opened up about the director transition while speaking to Variety. As it turns out, the late-in-the-game swap wasn't as big of an issue as some may have thought, as Chris Miller and Phil Lord were no longer involved.

"It was unexpected but not difficult," Glover said. "We got three great directors for the price of one, and I got to see the difference. I've never been in a movie this big. I've gotten to work with big directors, you know, Ridley Scott. But getting to see how it's done from two different styles was super unique. On the same movie? Never happens. So I just soaked that up. I was just like, "I know this is not ideal, but now there's a control in this experiment. This probably won't ever happen to you again, so pay attention." It was weirdly beneficial — not to belittle the seriousness of the situation. I think there was honestly a miscommunication in the artistic vision."

As for his personal reaction, it was similar to that of the Star Wars fan base when the news came out: surprised.

"Everybody was just kind of shocked," Glover said. "I was not expecting that call at all. I was at home; I got the call and it was like, 'We're going to take a small hiatus.' And I was just shocked. You just want to know what's going to happen, because it's such a big ship and everything is new to you."

From there, the show went on and the final product ended up being a movie which has earned the seal of approval from critics, including's JK Schmidt in this spoiler-free review. "The most consistent value to the franchise is on full display, Lucasfilm's production values and technical capabilities continue to dazzle," Schmidt said. "New and familiar aliens with amazing costume and creature designs litter each setting, and the visual effects continue to impress with each film. But one of the other vital components of the franchise sees a dip in quality in Solo: A Star Wars Story."

Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theaters on May 25, 2018.