'Solo: A Star Wars Story' Potentially Confirms 'Star Wars Holiday Special' Connection

The brand new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story gave fans their best look yet at the upcoming [...]

The brand new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story gave fans their best look yet at the upcoming spinoff movie, teasing the high-stakes criminal action that the galaxy's infamous smuggler is set to get in to.

But the new clip also featured a major moment for Chewbacca, one that could canonize the Wookiee's history that was previously established in the Star Wars Holiday Special.

In one brief scene, Chewbacca is shown to be sharing an intimate moment with another Wookiee, and we can't help but speculate that this is his wife Malla. The character first appeared in the oft ridiculed Holiday Special, alongside Chewie's son Lumpy and his father Itchy.

Though the characters were discarded from canon, they have since been confirmed for their inclusion after the purchase by the Walt Disney Company. A young adult novelization of A New Hope has Han Solo mention Malla by name, specifically.

Chewbacca's son has since been referred to as Lumpawaroo, though he is now referred to as Waroo as opposed to Lumpy. The character was featured significantly in the plot of Chuck Wendig's novel Aftermath: Empire's End.

In it, it clarifies that Chewbacca has been separated from his family after the Galactic Empire took control of Kashyyyk during the Clone Wars. Many Wookiees were enslaved, including Waroo, until Chewbacca and a squad of New Republic soldiers liberated the planet from Imperial control five years after the Battle of Yavin.

Malla has yet to show up in the Star Wars canon, from movies to novels to comics, though the character has been mentioned. It seems like this would be her first major appearance since the Star Wars Holiday Special.

Given the fact that Chewbacca is Han Solo's best friend and closest companion, it makes sense that the Wookiee co-pilot would play a major role in Solo: A Star Wars Story. Seeing more of his history being fleshed out on screen should get many fans riled up, especially after his minimized role in the sequel trilogy.

The trailer featured another awesome moment when Chewie gracefully revealed he's 190 years old, to which Han responds in shock, "You look great!"

Much like Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Solo appears to be banking on the nostalgia of the original trilogy more than the new installments in the saga.

We'll see if it pays off when Solo: A Star Wars Story premieres in theaters on May 25th.

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