New Star Wars Comic Debuts Surprising Love Interest

Following Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm, fans were thrilled to not only learn that new films [...]

Following Disney's purchase of Lucasfilm, fans were thrilled to not only learn that new films would be delivered to fans, but that various other mediums would explore different corners of Star Wars mythology. With Disney owning Marvel, it made perfect sense that the comics publisher would begin exploring unseen chapters in the saga's history. The proper Star Wars comic series takes place between the events of Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, bringing to life iconic characters for new adventures. While readers met an unexpected love interest for Han Solo in an earlier issue, the latest issue introduces a potential new wrinkle for an iconic relationship.

WARNING: Spoilers below for Star Wars #68

The issue launches an all-new narrative arc, with the Rebel Alliance aware that the Empire is searching the galaxy for them after they destroyed the Death Star. Han and Leia embark on their own journey to try to pull the Empire's focus away from the rest of the organization, only for the duo to stumble across a figure that considers himself to be Leia's boyfriend.

star wars 68 han leia
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

When Han and Leia receive a less than warm welcome, Han can't help but wonder about the mysterious figure's combat skills. Much like Sana Starros wasn't a traditional "wife" for Han Solo, Leia noted that she had a previous and seemingly complicated relationship with Dar Champion.

star wars 68 han leia dar champion
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Dar Champion only appeared in the final page of the new arc's first issue, leading us to wonder how he'll factor into the storyline's future.

The new arc was previously described, "Darth Vader is on the hunt for Luke Skywalker! Thousands of remote probes are sent into the far reaches of space looking for the Rebel Alliance. But the rebels send out desperate, heroic missions to lead them astray. Chewie and C-3PO lure a drone to a planet with an unstable core but learn of a secret droid civilization. With Star Destroyers and Darth Vader approaching, they must now protect these newfound droids. Luke Skywalker undertakes a mission to lead a drone away from a rebel refueling station but runs into the Force-sensitive human Bendoh. With Luke training to be a Jedi, will Bendoh be a valuable teacher or a simple grifter? Then, Han Solo and Princess Leia plan to use a drone to take down a local crime boss, but things get complicated when they run into Leia's ex! What could possibly go wrong?!"

Han's relationship with Sana ended up being one born out of a technicality, so however this relationship plays out, it should result in adding some interesting complexity to Leia's character.

Star Wars #68 is on sale now. The next issue of the series hits shelves on July 24th.

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