Star Wars: Adam Driver Reminisces About His Time Spent With Carrie Fisher

Adam Driver has a big year ahead of him. He has Silence and Logan Lucky coming out to scratch his [...]

Adam Driver has a big year ahead of him. He has Silence and Logan Lucky coming out to scratch his indie itch, three movies in active development for next year, and oh yeah, Star Wars: Episode VIII hitting theaters this December. There, he'll return as Kylo Ren, the latest in a line of red lightsaber wielding dark side of the Force worshipping baddies, as he continues to struggle on the line between light and dark.

But while the film finished shooting last summer and will likely play out the way it was intended, there's a real-life sadness that will hang over it: Carrie Fisher won't be on that press tour. She won't be cracking jokes, or saying inappropriate quotes that get picked up by every news organization out there (not to mention Gary won't be there to steal the show. Her passing is felt by fans, family, and her Star Wars family too.

"As you can kind of tell from meeting her, she burns very bright, and has such a great, very generous energy," Driver said of Fisher on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. "For that to suddenly not be on set, or talking about it in publicity or just in life when you'd see her around at a Star Wars event or anywhere... To have her character, not part - not just her character in the movie, but to have her [personal] character missing from that very small unit is a tragedy," he said, visibly moved.

The last time Driver saw Fisher was "on set, being Princess Leia," he said, before they wrapped Episode VIII last summer.

On a lighter note, Driver and Colbert went on to have a lightsaber thumb wrestling fight - a good palette cleanser to bring some levity to what's just plain a sad time for a lot of people.

Star Wars Episode VIII, from writer-director Rian Johnson, is in post-production now for a December 15, 2017 release.

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