Star Wars: HasLab Reveals Tier 2 Unlocks for Black Series Rancor

The Hasbro Pulse HasLab is bringing one of the most beloved scenes from Star Wars: Return of the Jedi to fans everywhere with a Black Series figure of the iconic Rancor. The full 17.5 inch figure is up for preorder through the HasLab right now, but Hasbro is doing more to sweeten the pot and encourage fans to purchase the new figure. Exclusive content tiers are being added through HasLab that offer more for those who order the figure. The previously announced Tier 1 reward is a Black Series Gamorrean Guard figure. Now, can exclusively reveal the Rancor's Tier 2 reward.

If the Rancor Black Series figure hits 13,500 backers, HasLab is adding the scenery backdrop of the Rancor pit from Return of the Jedi and a group of bone accessory pieces. The addition of both of these rewards will help buyers recreate and display the Rancor scene from Star Wars. You can check out the photos of the new tier rewards below.

(Photo: Hasbro Pulse)
(Photo: Hasbro Pulse)
(Photo: Hasbro Pulse)

The Tier 1 unlock comes with 11,000 backers, so the scenery and bones are made available just 2,500 purchases later. Backing the Rancor Black Series figure costs $349.99.

Here's how the HasLab describes the Tier 2 Rancor additions:

"Build your very own movie-inspired display with a variety of highly detailed bone accessory pieces inspired by the Rancor's prey in Star Wars: The Return of the Jedi. This includes the exact type of bones Luke Skywalker used to bring the Rancor to its knees in defeat - a human skull and femur bone. We've also included a variety of skulls from different species - a Tauntaun skull, a Gamorrean Guard skull, a human skull, a male Twi'lek skull, and a female Twi'lek skull - as well as several ribcages. When you're not using these for maximum scene recreation, they can be displayed in a base that resembles the desert soil of Tatooine. You will also receive a Star Wars: Return of the Jedi Rancor dungeon scene-inspired cardboard background that has all your favorite details from that iconic scene, like the Rancor pit door, the trap door, the grating in the ceiling, and even the door Luke attempts to escape through."

The HasLab Rancor Black Series figure can be backed from now through December 6th. There need to be 9,000 total backers in order for the figure to be put into production, and 11,000 for the tier unlocks to begin.

You can back the Rancor Black Series figure here.