Star Wars: John Boyega Jokingly Reveals How 'Episode IX' "Ends"

John Boyega recently replied to some fans on Twitter about Star Wars: Episode IX, and when one fan [...]

John Boyega recently replied to some fans on Twitter about Star Wars: Episode IX, and when one fan requested details about how the film concluded, the actor joked that it ended the way all the other films in the series had ended.

star wars episode ix ending john boyega

When asked, "Can you tell us how it all ends?" Boyega replied, "Yep. Fades to black and the credits go up." Understandably, we shouldn't have expected the actor to share any actual information about the project, but seeing Boyega interact with fans in any capacity is always entertaining.

The actor kicked off a series of Episode IX-related tweets after replying to co-star Anthony Daniels' message about wrapping his time on the production. Boyega shared the message and added, "We had a great time! Enjoy some well-deserved rest." When replying to another fan asking how much was left in the shoot, the actor replied, "Just a little more! This one has been the most fun by far."

As production is winding down, the actor is getting more active on various social media platforms. Earlier this month on Instagram, the actor shared an image of his dirty hands while adding the caption, "The whole team pushed themselves today to achieve something visually crazy! I've had many moments of shock on set but not like today and I can't wait until you know why."

Since production kicked off last summer, the cast has kept a tight lid on details about the plot, leaving fans to speculate about what we can expect from the final chapter of the Skywalker Saga. Prior to the start of production, however, Boyega made some big claims about how the saga would conclude.

"Next for me filming wise is Star Wars: Episode IX in July, and they've officially given us a note to start training soon," Boyega shared during a press event. "I'm going to take a holiday before that, because I think Episode IX you know, regardless of where the story goes, and I haven't read it by the way, is going to be all-out war so I know that I'm going to have to do all I can and train for that."

Fans will see how Star Wars: Episode IX actually ends when it in theaters this December.

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