Star Wars: Rey to Reportedly Repair Luke's Lightsaber for 'Episode IX'

The Star Wars series is known for its depictions of the mythical Jedi, which are intrinsically [...]

The Star Wars series is known for its depictions of the mythical Jedi, which are intrinsically linked to the elegant lightsaber. In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker's lightsaber was seemingly destroyed, leading fans to wonder what that meant for the relic's future. According to a recent report from MakingStarWars, Rey will repair the lightsaber for her own use in Star Wars: Episode IX.

"Information about Rey was held back but her lightsaber, the Skywalker saber, will be back," the site claimed. "So far there hasn't been anything solid about how the sword has changed."

Rather than citing one source, MakingStarWars claims the information they shared comes from "Pinewood Studios, various production offices, and those that attended licensee marketing meetings and presentations." They also specify that much of the information learned from the aforementioned sources don't directly relate to the film's plot, which is why some of the details become public.

In The Last Jedi, Rey memorably brought the weapon to Ahch-To and gifted it back to Luke Skywalker, who then tossed it over his shoulder. From there, the weapon was effectively hers, yet that didn't prevent Kylo Ren from wanting to destroy this connection he had to his former mentor Skywalker. As they fought for the weapon, the hilt split in half, with the film's final moments showing Rey gazing at the weapon that had been rendered ineffective.

In Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, fans learned that a key component in becoming a Jedi involved the construction of one's own lightsaber, with Skywalker building his own lightsaber after losing the one that belonged to his father during their duel on Cloud City. The destruction of the weapon in The Last Jedi seemingly set up Rey to build her own weapon in Episode IX, yet if Rey is merely repairing Luke's old weapon, the building of the saber will likely earn minimal screen time, if any at all.

Lightsabers are powered by Kyber crystals, so as long as the crystal within Luke's lightsaber was intact, it could be repurposed in a new hilt. With Episode IX being partially filmed in Jordan, fans speculated about what planet the region would be representing. In Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, our heroes visited the holy city of Jedha, where there was a known deposit of Kyber crystals. These scenes were filmed in Jordan, igniting speculation that Rey would have to visit Jedha to obtain a new crystal, but if she's repurposing Luke's, this narrative beat seems less likely.

Stay tuned for details on Star Wars: Episode IX before it lands in theaters in December of 2019.

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