Star Wars Fan Creates AT-AT Costume For a Horse

The wide world of cosplay is creative and vast, but when you've attended enough Comic Cons, you [...]

The wide world of cosplay is creative and vast, but when you've attended enough Comic Cons, you feel like you've seen it all. Just when we thought that were true, we discovered Moana, the cosplaying horse...

The force is strong with this Clydesdale, who is now the owner of an AT-AT (All Terrain Armored Transport) costume from The Empire Strikes Back, made by Michael Corrie of Mike's Tiny Shop.

According to CNET, the prop maker poured 700 hours of work over the course of five months into the costume, which isn't surprising when you consider he's working with a 2,000 pound client. Take notes, cosplayers, because all it took to create this genius costume is "PVC pipe, foam exercise mats and tape."

Don't worry about Moana's safety, animal lovers! The horse's comfort was a top priority for Corrie. "Early on we decided that if at anytime Moana was stressed the whole thing would be abandoned," he explained.

Moana wasn't the only one getting the Star Wars treatment. Corrie rounded out the Empire Strikes Back theme by making a General Veers costume for the horse's owner. The character Veers was a known authority on the AT-AT, having taken them into battle on Hoth. Considering this was the character's biggest moment in the film, it makes perfect sense that Moana's owner would choose Veers as the companion character.

Corrie is hoping the costume creation will get him a Guinness World Record for "the largest equine Star Wars costume ever created" and since this would be the first category of its kind, his chances seem high.

If you'd like to help Corrie, you can donate to his GoFundMe page, which is set up to help cover the Guinness application fee.

The AT-AT horse costume isn't the only noteworthy Michael Corrie piece. His Instagram showcases all of his work, which includes everything from human costumes to small figurines. According to a post earlier this month, Corrie is currently working on 23 separate Spaceballs costumes.

Moana competed with the AT-AT costume at the World Clydesdale Show in Madison, Wisconsin last month. According to Mike's Instagram, they came in 6th out of 42, which "isn't too shabby" for the creators first foray into "equestrian cosplay".

If you're looking for more Star Wars content, Star Wars: Episode IX will finally grace our screens on December 20, 2019.