Star Wars: The High Republic - The Rising Storm Preview Introduces A Jedi Turned Mercenary

Star Wars: The High Republic has released an excerpt of its new upcoming novel The Rising Storm by Cavan Scott. The novel will introduce us to a unique new Jedi character - or rather, a former Jedi character. That would be Ty Yorrick, a former Jedi with a mysterious past, who has earned a massive reputation as a monster hunter and mercenary, after stepping away from the Jedi Order. Ty will apparently become a major figure in Star Wars: The High Republic, as she's featured in both The Rising Storm novel (hitting shelves on June 29th) and IDW's The Monster of Temple Peak (which will be released in August 2021). Both projects come by way of writer Cavan Scott, who currently pens the Star Wars: The High Republic comic book from Marvel.

A new excerpt from Star Wars: The High Republic - The Rising Storm was posted on, and helps set the tone for who Ty Yorrick is. Here's a small sample:

Will you help us?

Ty Yorrick had lost count of the times she had heard those words, usually delivered with a side order of pleading eyes and, more often than not, missing limbs. You had to be desperate to approach someone like Ty.

The swamp farmers of Safrifa were desperate.

They had found her repairing her ship on the edge of the bog fields, preparing to leave after a successful extraction operation where she had liberated the son of the local marsh-lord from a rival clan. There had been blood and screaming. Always blood and screaming. Some of the gore still caked her armor while the screams would linger when she finally fell into her cot that evening, even after taking keekon root to help her sleep. In all honesty she didn't mind the screams. They had been her companion for the best part of a decade, the one constant in her ever-changing life.

That certainly is a loaded description of Ty Yorrick, which says so much in the span of one scene-establishing description. Obviously, Ty Yorrick has been through some stuff - and clearly she is more familiar and comfortable with violence than your average Jedi. In Star Wars lore, those are often the most interesting (and eventually breakout) characters in the franchise.

"Ty Yorrick is a character I've wanted to introduce to Star Wars for a long time, and The High Republic has provided the perfect opportunity," Scott told in a previous interview. "A monster hunter and mercenary, Ty is a mystery to just about every one who meets her. She has created quite the reputation for herself and is known on many worlds only by the title 'saber-for-hire.'"

Star Wars High Republic Rising Storm Book Excerpt Ty Yorrick
(Photo: Lucasfilm)

Lucasfilm creative director Mike Siglain added that Ty will indeed have a big role to play in The High Republic:


"She plays a key role in both The Rising Storm and Race to Crashpoint Tower this June, then we shine a spotlight on her — and her past — in The Monster of Temple Peak. She's quickly becoming one of my favorite new characters, and not just because she's a monster hunter, though that certainly helps."

Star Wars: The High Republic will introduce Ty Yorrick in The Rising Storm this June, as well as the YA novel Race to Crashpoint Tower. Her origin will be explored in more detail in The Monster of Temple Peak in August. You can get more details on The Rising Storm HERE.