Star Wars: The Mandalorian's Emily Swallow Admits Baby Yoda Is Just as Cute in Person

It took just one short scene in the series premiere of Star Wars: The Mandalorian for Baby Yoda to [...]

It took just one short scene in the series premiere of Star Wars: The Mandalorian for Baby Yoda to become an Internet obsession. The Child, as he's called in the series, was turned into the world's biggest meme in just a matter of hours, and his popularity only continue to grow in the weeks that followed. Each and every episode of The Mandalorian gave Baby Yoda a new scene-stealing moment for fans to adore, from sipping on tea to trying to fly Mando's ship. Fans have been enamored with Baby Yoda from the jump, and the same can be said of the show's cast and crew.

Werner Herzog famously talked about crying at the sight of the Baby Yoda puppet when it arrived on set. Bryce Dallas Howard admitted that it was hard to focus on anything but Baby Yoda when directing her episode of The Mandalorian. Everyone working on the show adored the puppet just as much as the fans have, including the The Armorer herself, Emily Swallow.

"I mean, that was ridiculous, because like you know that it's not real, but it really is just as cute in person," Swallow tells in an exclusive interview. "I was so, so happy that I got to be in a scene with him, and I had no idea though, the kind of impact it would have, and I didn't think, I mean, everything was so secretive around filming it. I didn't really know everything that had gone on with him in the episodes that I wasn't in, but I was super-excited that I got to be the one to reveal the stuff about the Jedi and where he might have come from."

"And so, I got to revel in the cuteness and also feel cool, because I got to reveal some good information," she added.

It's clearly impossible not to fall in love with Baby Yoda, no matter how tough you are or have to appear to be on screen. Herzog and Swallow play two of the most dangerous characters in the show and The Child had no trouble melting their hearts. It's no wonder we're all obsessed.

The entire first season of The Mandalorian is streaming on Disney+ and Season 2 will arrive later this year.