Star Wars: Mark Hamill Shares His Tribute Letter From the Skywalker Saga Boxed Set

Despite the ongoing pandemic, the Star Wars Skywalker Saga 4k blu-ray box set officially arrived this week for fans lucky enough to have ordered it from Best Buy. Packing in all 9 episodic films from the series and a kitchen sink of special features across 27 discs, the set include Ralph McQuarrie concept art throughout its packaging and is available for the price of $249.99. Also included in the set is a special letter from none other than the centerpiece of Star Wars himself, Mark Hamill, who has now shared the full letter on his Twitter which you can find below!

"What an extraordinary journey it's been," the letter begins.

"Back in 1976, when Carrie [Fisher], Harrison [Ford] and I were testing for our roles in what was then called 'The Adventures of Luke, as taken from The Journal of the Whills, Saga I: The Star Wars,' there's no way we could have known what an incredibly rich and imaginative set of adventures this obscure little space movie would launch, inspiring eight more chapters to tell the entire Skywalker story. For some of you, that journey began with us over 40 years ago, inviting Star Wars into your lives from the seats of just a few dozen theaters in its first days of release. For others, you may have joined us somewhere along the way, from the harrowing saga of young Anakin's descent to the Dark Side in the prequel trilogy or the introduction of an entirely new generation of heroes in the sequel trilogy." You can read the rest of the letter yourself below!

It's worth noting that Hamill caption his photo of the letter by saying "A few thoughts as one era ends and another begins..," seemingly teasing whatever the next batch of Star Wars movies and stories will be from Lucasfilm. The next three movies set in the franchise already have release dates from the studio, arriving on December 16, 2022, December 20, 2024, and December 18, 2026. Though it's unclear what these movies will be, or who will be the talent behind them but The Last Jedi writer/director Rian Johnson remains in talks to develop a trilogy of films. In addition, Marvel producer Kevin Feige is developing a project while Sleight director J. D. Dillard and Luke Cage writer Matt Owens are working on another.

You can grab your own copy of the 4K version of the Skywalker Saga set exclusively at Best Buy (exclusive) for $249.99.


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