Is a New Star Wars Comic Making a Saturday Night Live Sketch Canon?

This week's Star Wars: Age of Resistance - General Hux might have found a subtle way to reference [...]

This week's Star Wars: Age of Resistance - General Hux might have found a subtle way to reference a Saturday Night Live sketch, which writer Tom Taylor might have confirmed. The 2016 sketch saw Kylo Ren starring in a parody of Undercover Boss, depicting him as "Matt the Radar Technician" listening to First Order underlings to get their real thoughts on Kylo Ren. When one site theorized that the recent comic had a direct reference to the parody character, the book's writer shared that theory on Twitter while adding a wink emoji, teasing that this theory was possibly correct, or at least that Taylor was intentionally using the radar technician reference as a nod to the sketch.

matt the radar technician general hux comic

In the comic book, Hux and Kylo Ren are in a ship that crash lands on a planet due to sabotage. The pair are ultimately rescued by the First Order, allowing Hux to exact revenge on the traitor in their midst. The book also established Hux as a vindictive character, allowing him to not only get revenge on a "radar technician" that is seemingly responsible for the encounter, but also someone who tormented him as a child.

matt the radar technician general hux comic 2
(Photo: Marvel Comics)

From a narrative standpoint, were this a direct reference to Matt the Radar Technician, this would come with a number of complications. Given that the character is actually Kylo Ren in disguise, it would mean that Kylo, as Matt, sabotaged his own ship. With the events of the narrative not serving any benefit to Kylo, this theory seems unlikely. Another possibility is that, while Matt likely wouldn't have sabotaged Kylo's ship, it's possible that Hux placed the blame on the character, regardless of whether or not he was actually to blame. Adding to that theory is that, were Hux to have seen a radar technician that looked almost exactly like Kylo Ren, he may have punished Matt merely for the resemblance.

While this comic presents some narrative conundrums, it wouldn't be the first time a canonical story embraced the hilarious SNL sketch. Earlier this month, the trailer for the second season of Star Wars Resistance featured characters dressed just like Matt, making his iconic outfit the official garb of radar technicians.

star wars resistance matt the radar technician

Whether or not the second season of the animated series will see more references to Matt is unclear. Star Wars Resistance Season Two premieres on October 6th on the Disney Channel and DisneyNOW.

Star Wars: Age of Resistance - General Hux is on sale now.

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