Star Wars: New Images Revealed From Upcoming Empire Strikes Back Picture Book

This year marks 40 years since Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back hit theaters, and Lucasfilm will be celebrating the occasion in various ways. Yesterday, they honored the fact that John Williams began scoring the film 40 years ago, and according to a recent Twitter post, it appears they will also be releasing a new picture book titled A Jedi, You Will Be later this year. The upcoming book includes "adorable" images of Luke and Yoda on Dagobah, and the official Star Wars account gave fans a sneak peak earlier this week.

"The iconic training scene on Dagobah from #TheEmpireStrikesBack is reimagined in the adorable upcoming Star Wars picture book, A Jedi, You Will Be. Take a look at concept art sketches from illustrator Mike Deas below. The book (w/ words by Preeti Chhibber) arrives on 10/6," they wrote.

You can check out the images in the posts below:

In a recent interview with SYFY WIRE, Chhibber's discussed what it was like to create her first official Star Wars book.

"I do have a short story in a Clone Wars anthology coming out later this year, but the two projects happened pretty much concurrently," she told the site. "Which is bananapants! If a year ago, someone had told me that I'd be writing in a Star Wars book, I would have laughed in their face. This is a dream come true. I'm a huge, huge dork for all things in the Star Wars-verse."

"Partnering with the team over at Lucasfilm has been amazing, as well," she added. "My editor on this book, Caitlin Kennedy, was as much of a passionate nerd about the universe as I am, and it made the act of writing feel less like work. The best part of writing Yoda is that I am writing Yoda."

Chhibber also explained her excitement about getting to write about the Force.

"The iteration of the Force we experience in the original trilogy is similar to my own belief system, so it was fun working through the familiar philosophies that Yoda imparts onto Luke and working to share the positive ways in which we can interact with the world with such a young audience.

"Also, the illustrations," she added. "I cannot wait for the illustrations to be out in the world. I've only seen a few samples of Mike Deas' work, but I can already say it's my favorite iteration of Yoda."

A Jedi, You Will Be is expected to be released on October 6th. Pre-orders are live on Amazon now.


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