Lucasfilm President Says Star Wars "Will Go on Forever"

Death and taxes have always been regarded as the only two certainties in this life, but it looks like we can go ahead and add Star Wars to that list as well. The three Star Wars trilogies that make up the Skywalker Saga spanned several decades. Now, thanks to Disney+, the franchise is exploring several different eras of the iconic galaxy far, far away. There are so many stories to explore at different parts of that timeline, some that relate to the story of Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader, and many that aren't connected at all. There is no end to what this franchise can do, and the producer in charge of it all does think an end will every actually arrive.

At Star Wars Celebration, Variety caught up with Lucasfilm president Kathleen Kennedy and asked her about what other plans Star Wars has in the mix for the future. She said that, as long as there are good stories being told, Star Wars can continue on forever.

"We're continuing to expand on Mandalorian. Ahsoka is the next iteration of that. And then what Jon Watts is doing with his show. It gives us different places on the timeline to look at, because there is this persistent story of Star Wars," Kennedy said. "That's what we're building on. So rather than thinking that we're just going to go do a one-off story, we're constantly thinking about what does this really mean inside the long saga and mythology that George Lucas created. So it could go on forever, to be perfectly honest. If we have good storytellers, it will go on forever."

The current slate of Star Wars storytelling is very TV-focused. The Mandalorian has been sustaining the franchise for a couple of years and there are now several TV shows in various stages of production and development. Not to worry, though, Kennedy and Lucasfilm have a big screen return planned in the near future.

"We're building on theatrical right now, developing scripts," Kennedy told's Brandon Davis. "We've got a couple of directors that we'll announce shortly and you can expect to see Star Wars in movie theaters very soon."

The first two episodes of the newest Star Wars series, Obi-Wan Kenobi, are now streaming on Disney+.