Dave Filoni Addresses Rumors About 'Star Wars Rebels' Character Becoming Snoke

Since his debut in The Force Awakens, fans have been desperate to discover the identity of Supreme [...]

Since his debut in The Force Awakens, fans have been desperate to discover the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke before any of the films make that information common knowledge. Some theories tie back into the animated series Star Wars Rebels, considering the show's main characters weren't seen in the four live-action films that took place after the events of that series. While Rebels executive producer Dave Filoni refutes these connections, he can't blame any of the fans for trying to piece those clues together.

"I try and beat around the bush," Filoni shared with ComicBook.com about drawing connections to the live-action films with the animated series. "I like reading the fan theories, and when I read them, I think, 'Well, there's no possible reason that that can't be true, it's just not true.'"

Despite many of these theories featuring tenuous connections to the series, Filoni understands developing these theories is another fun aspect of being a fan.

"You love the fans. I'm one of them," Filoni confessed. "If I wasn't here working on Star Wars, I'll bet you I would have a bang-old Snoke theory of my own. I don't fault them for coming. I think we want them to come up with stuff because it means they're engaged. It shows how much they love it."

Throughout the course of Star Wars Rebels, fans have seen the aspiring padawan Ezra under Jedi Kanan's leadership, but we've also seen glimpses of darkness within the character that hint he could go down a darker path. Based on that information, many fans have theorized that Ezra would become Snoke in the future.

We pointed out to Filoni that, were he not working on Star Wars, he wouldn't have helped create Ezra. If there was no Ezra, there would ultimately be no Snoke, given those theories connecting the characters. Despite jokingly trying to lead the producer down this path in hopes of extracting details, he remained steadfast in avoiding those connections.

"I like what you're doing there. That's good," Filoni jested. "You curved that ball well. Bravo. Well done."

The final season of Star Wars Rebels airs Monday nights at 9:00 PM ET on Disney XD. While we might not see hints of Snoke in the series, we'll get to see more of the Supreme Leader when The Last Jedi premieres on December 15.